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Quebec Immigration - Skilled Worker Program

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by visaexpert, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. You signify you want your file treated at your home country, outside your place of temporary residence. IT IS ALLOWED!!!
    But you have to SPECIFY that in the form before submitting your Federal part (QSW/FSW).
  2. thank you for the immediate reply but its written in my csq its visa office is abudhabi because when i applied for my CSQ i send it to the visa office of my residence instead of my homecountry. i had my interviewed this month at istanbul and i forgot to ask the officer about it.
  3. Your degree ceritificate have tobe sent in sealed and stamped envoplop by university . rest every document have to be notaried as original seen stamp
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply.... I have my transcripts in sealed and stamped envelopes but the degree certificate is only one and the university said that no duplicates can be produced of the degree certificate --- so I can just get its photocopy notarized, right??

    2)Can I get my Income tax return (which I need to show that I have paid tax) and birth certificate --- also notarized by a notary??? or I have to go tot the Income tax dept. and the Municipal Council ???

    Thanks :)
  5. Oh I have sealed copies of my transcripts from University --- so I can send them along with the application or I need to send them directly from the university???

    Also how did you send IELTS score card .... directly through IELTS or your original copy along with your application ??

  6. Ok

    collect the sealed envolop and sent it along your file ,
    you dont need to send any docs directly ..
    birth certificate should be notarized too
  7. Thanks man... thanks a lot :)
  8. Do you know if I can score full 6 points for english language with this score ??

    Speaking = 7.5
    Reading =9.0
    Listening = 8.5
    Writing = 6.5
    Overall = 8.0


  9. Yes you will get full 6 points as you have more than 7 band in speaking and 8 band in listening.
  10. Hi...registration fr DELF A1 has started...bt I m still unable to decide whether I shud go fr it or TEFaQ...which one is easier...plz suggest... ???

  11. I took DELF A1 and it seems easier to me. But never experienced TEFAQ so no idea about it.
  12. if you have good command over the french language, then you can get good score in any test. Only the pattern is different for every test.
  13. Friends,

    I have recently cleared DELF A1 and A2. Following is the score:

    A1: CO-18
    A2: CO-10

    Please elaborate how many marks I shall be able to get for quebec immigration french language ability?

    Your help would be highly appreciated.


  15. hehe... thanks a lot mate .... I just scored enough for 6 points ... hehe ;)

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