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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by qorax, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. Whether Abu Dhabi Visa office or any other visa office asked any applicant to appear in an "PUP Interview"
    What does it mean by "PUP Interview"?

    Documents requested to bring at "PUP Interview" are only "2-Forms of Photo ID"?
  2. Hello,

    Do we need to attend pre-departure orientation seminar before flight from Dubai to Canada.
  3. Hii can i know what you did for this situation as we will be facing a similar one.

    Thank you.
  4. could you let me know the procedure to apply for the experience certificate?
  5. I know its a far shot but anyone here who works in Arenco tower in Dubai Media city. We could network during lunch break or something.
  6. Hi Fazdxb - Could you share your experience with the cargo for the benefit of others?

    Also if anyone can help me the below query:

    We are trying to decide if we should sell all our stuff here in dubai and buy new from canada or cargo some of the items. What I understand is that things are more expensive in canada. If anyone can share their experience with the cargo from dubai, that would be great - in terms of price, TAT and so on.
  7. --Minus all the electric appliances bcz of 110 volts
    -- If you know where exactly you are going to live in Canada that furniture make some sense otherwise its an over head. I say some sense because even in furniture , you need to minus wardrobes as wardrobes are built in Canada by default.
    -- You should take all kitchen items minus white goods. Do not leave a single plate !!! White goods comes fitted in every house.

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