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Why do discussion threads disappear in this forum?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by kingkong1, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. What's wrong with this forum? Any discussion threads that describe Canada unfavorably (but truthfully) are deleted by moderators. We can't even honestly talk about Canada without getting censored. This is Canada, folks!
  2. They aren't all deleted. There are a couple of long ones in the FSW section of the forum that are alive and well to the best of my knowledge.

    I believe these threads are sometimes deleted for one of two reasons. I think sometimes a large number of people report the thread to the moderator and it's deleted for that reason. I've also seen several instances where these threads degenrate into offensive name calling for some reason (even racist remarks a few times). I'm guessing this is another reason for deletion.

    But that's just my guess...
  3. Racism you espouse gets deleted for good reason.

    Learn to discuss as a guest on someone's forums civilly and you won't have problems. The nonsense **** storms you create being problematic isn't worth the amount of time spent cleaning it up. Be thankful you haven't been banned because I'm surprised you aren't. I usually see that type of blatant racism resulting in very quick bans.

    If you have an issue with the way things are handled take it up with the owner of the site -- but surely this will be another thing to trollishly blame Canada about.
  4. Below is your pal, on-hold's response to an Indian immigrant who is struggling in Toronto and feeling isolated like trainspotting & many other immigrants:

    This was my response to on-hold's racist comment:

    And later trainspotting asked on-hold how he can have such a racist attitude towards colored immigrants when he (a Caucasian) has a Thai wife, but Bargeld (a whitey) who also happens to have a Chinese wife clapped his hands like Oprah does and said to on-hold, "That's so funny! High Five!"

    If this isn't racist, what is? Seriously?
  5. Ah, fame . . . Just for the record, there is struggling culturally and there is struggling professionally. I have nothing but sympathy for immigrants who have an awful time finding work and supporting their families, I've experienced that too; it's also true that I think most of the proposed solutions are not really workable, because of the independence of most private employers.

    But I do find the 'Canadians don't smile at me' a bit absurd, especially in Toronto where half the city is foreign-born. And I still say that lots of immigrants here have good jobs, I meet them every day. I don't think either of these thoughts are racist, personally.

    As for Bargeld, he and I are united only in our dislike of you, I think I insulted him or something some months back but he seems to have forgiven me, or vice versa.
  6. I think we had some disagreement but I don't remember what it's about, pales in comparison to the blatant racism espoused by certain posters that are trying to troll very hard to get other posters here angry.

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