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which one is easier CELPIP - General or IELTS ?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by CEC_2013, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. You mean in Writing CELPIP, it comes with AUTO CORRECT option? Please confirm once more, i am bit confused...
  2. HI!
    This is MANDEEP SINGH wanted to know about your institution as I am interested to have or to open it in India moreover
    in Punjab as yet there is not any single institution of CELPIP here. Simply I have number of queries regarding this course as I am running immigration office with which people used to ask me about it. So, I would like to know about the plans, procedure, formalities and amount that all are required to have your institution in Punjab.
    I hope you will consider this and revert me back as soon as possible because I am very much eager to know about it and to open it.

    Thank You,
    Mandeep Singh
  3. Paaji, you can appear for CELPIP if you are based in one of the following countries : Canada, USA, UAE or Philippines. There are no CELPIP test centers in Punjab. Please register for IELTS exams!
  4. Yup, I could conform that CELPIP writing detects the spelling errors and upon right clicking on it, you'd be suggested with possible choices of the word.
  5. My experience with CELPIP was not good at all. CELPIP is a ripoff, they seem to be OK for natives, but as soon as they hear foreign accent in your voice they will give you the lowest grade possible. I have won MBA case competitions in Toronto, got 24/30 in TOEFL and yet, they gave me just 6/12. I've heard many times they do it to scam people into taking (and of course paying) many times. Paragon said they would be happy to discuss this further with me but I called them and they just asked me if I had any question. So thanks for nothing. Anyone reading this: you better off do IELTS.
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  6. appeared for CELPIP on 26th of this month. I was a shocker, not easy for sure. As its computer-based, you don't have time to think, its so fast pace, by the time you realize or understand anything, you are bombarded by another task, overall it was tough, at least for me. Here is my feedback for future aspirants :
    1. Listening
    If you are good or even avg in spellings, IELTS is easy
    2. Reading
    Both are same, IELTS you can control and divide your time between task but in CELPIP, it's not an option.
    3. Writing
    CELPIP is easy as compare to IELTS
    4. Speaking
    IELTS is easy, CELPIP there is not much time to read and answer, imagine 3-5 lines question to read and prepare for it in 30 sec, not
    easy for sure.

    These are my observation only, I am still waiting for a result.
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  7. I have written CELPIP and can agree with you that is is not easy for sure! The one advantage of CELPIP over IELTS is thar it is all computer based. I am currently studying for the IELTS and it seems a bit easier than CELPIP so far.

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  8. I did both with 1 month of difference between them, and I could confirm that CELPIP is a scam. If you take CELPIP-General, Paragon knows you need 9 for your Express Entry, so sure enough they will give you 8 in either Speaking and/or Writing so you have to pay for the test again. I have seen this many times already. Here are my results side by side (the CLB translation is mine):

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  9. I will agree with @manuelmuisca. I did CELPIP in 2015 and IELTS in 2018, both with same ~ level of preparation. I prefer IELTS. I may be wrong though, I feel CELPIP assumes you are already familiar with Canadian culture.
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  10. Hey newimmi44- Did you take it again? I am really glad to see your story, as honestly, I am realizing that this is a widespread problem. I am also a native speaker, and I scored an 8 on the writing. I asked for a reevaluation, and they didn't change it. I am reluctant to buy they materials on the writing because, for Pete's sake, I can write emails in English. This is driving me nuts, that I am going to have to pay another $360 to prove that I can write English. Same thing happened for my husband, and he too, writes professionally. He got a 7 in writing and they bumped it up to an 8 with reevaluation.
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  11. Hello Friends,

    Has anyone of you taken the CELPIP exam in Dubai?
  12. If your goal is CLB 7 or 8 (max), then definitely consider CELPIP.
    If you are aiming for CLB 9 or higher, forget it. Go for IELTS. I consider myself a decent speaker and writer but only got 8 and 9 on CELPIP (I got 8.5 on IELTS).
    I honestly consider CELPIP a complete waste of time and money if you are aiming for CLB 9. According to their own 2017 statistics, even Native Speakers (Canadians, Americans, Australians etc) all struggle with the writing test. So if you are non-native speaker don't even think twice, go for IELTS.
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  13. That's good to know, thanks.

  14. I haven't taken it again, I will soon. If my scores don't improve, I am going to take the advice of the other poster and do IELTS. This is such a racket, someone is making bank off of our fees.

    My work visa expires in March. I will have over a year of Canadian work experience I can count. I have an MA from an Ontario university. The thing is my age, I'll be 45 in January, so I need all of the points I can get. I am also studying French in order to get even five more points. If all of that does not work to get an invitation, I am going to hang it up as Canada is not the only country in the world. I am getting a TEFL certificate from the U of Toronto, I'll teach English overseas.
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  15. Hi Rahul..how about the speaking for non native speaker. Any tips please? I am planning for October. Thanks,Srikanth
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