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which one is easier CELPIP - General or IELTS ?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by CEC_2013, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Hi Folks,

    Anyone has having an idea about CELPIP - General (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program) exam experience.
    I know that IELTS has having lots material online as well as it's straight forward concepts.

    If anyone had done with CELPIP - General then kindly share your thoughts. or still IELTS is the best one.

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  2. hi cec_2013,

    Even I was searching the same and hardly found some threads on that. I read somebody saying that the speaking part is hardest compare to IELTS and all...but I would say it depends on many factors..

    I am also thinking writing CELPIP instead of IELTS again.. some good points I find myself (in my pint of view) about CELPIP is:

    1. Completely computerized - no more pencils, sharpeners etc. I hate writing, you know for IELST I literally struggled for Essay writing ( I had touched pencils/pens for such long writing long time back only, when I was at College..)

    2. I found total examination is 3 hours - IELTS it is a one day marathon!!!

    3. And mainly, I could find a spot available for examination on February in my nearest location (IELST it is on March only) - this would help me to apply for CEC before my PCC expires.

    I am also looking for if anybody has experience and if they can share some materials..
  3. Here are some information on CELPIP

  4. thanks Johny31 for the link...

    this is what they wrote in their website:

    "The Canadian Test:

    The CELPIP-General Test uses the English variety spoken in Canada. Individuals wishing to immigrate to and adapt to life in Canada relate more to understanding and using Canadian English than other varieties of English used in other comparable testing systems.

    Benefits of the Computer-Delivered CELPIP-General Test:

    1. Allows test candidates to complete all components of the test in just one three-hour sitting. The Speaking component requires no additional appointments with an examiner. This allows test candidates to demonstrate their English proficiency without the confounding effects associated with human interaction as used in other testing systems.

    2. Completing the test with a keyboard and mouse rather than paper and pen can provide a considerable advantage to the test candidate, especially in the Writing component.

    3. The use of a headset for the Listening component allows test candidates to adjust the volume to suit their own needs.

    4. The Writing component includes an automatic “word count” function.

    5. Each component of the test includes a timer, which allows test candidates to keep track of their own time."
  5. After having lot's of IELTS material and classes still candidate is struggling for band in each modules.

    I would like to know more about scores for each modules as I can't find more details about score in depth such how many correct question need to be awarded to CLB level.

    Ultimately, We are giving the exam for immigration purpose only.

    I am still waiting for other guys who has given exam and having some idea.

  6. I have done both CELPIP and IETLS previously (applied under FSW before CEC) and i can definitely say IELTS is easier. As well, due to better granularity of grades it is easier to achieve a needed bar.
    Below are my impressions:
    1. Listening - IELTS is perhaps marginally harder
    2. Speaking - CELPIP you do it on PC, was way harder for me to talk with computer instead of a person
    3. Reading and writing are comparable

    I didn't study for any of the exams so cannot comment on availability of materials.
    My grades are as follows:
    Listening 8 4H
    Reading 7.5 4H
    Writing 6.5 4H
    Speaking 6.5 4L
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  7. did you check their website celpiptest.ca/about-celpip-g/

    you can get many information from their site, including sample online examination, score calculation methods etc.

    and yes, it is always nice to have some feedback who really wrote this exams on top of all these..
  8. I think you are good in English hence you don't have preferences which one is good or bad.

    I agreed with you about IELTS reading is good compare to CELPIP. We can do skimming and scanning those kind of stuff.

    I am afraid with IELTS.
  9. I got least mark on IELST reading (5.5), everything else is above 6, just that caused me to became not eligible for CEC as per new rule! And you know what, my expectation was more for "Reading" compare to any other skill after I wrote IELTS... now I think, I might have made some mistake while writing answers to the sheet - and here is my point - it may not be the case while choosing our answer in Computer... (just my guess though..)

  10. I can say Ielts Listening part it's more difficult that CELPIP because of the british accent
  11. I think CELPIP is easy if you are good with Computer use or IT person.
  12. I sat for IELTS and CELPIP , personally prefer CELPIP over the other because it was less stressful and took only 3 hours of my day
    For IELTS, speaking was scheduled on one day & the remaining was scheduled on another day - two days lost there!

    It depends on what you comfortable with. I could hardly find any materials for CELPIP whereas for IELTS, information/materials were in abundance.
    Speaking (CELPIP) was tricky as you are talking to a mic and not a person added to the fact you can hear mumblings from everyone sitting in that room - can be distracting if you get easily swayed.

    Writing was the best part with CELPIP, simple and easy! (Maybe because IELTS scored me terribly low!!)

    Listening and Reading were okay if you can stay focussed and not be distrurbed by people taking the speaking test.

    Listening 9 5H
    Reading 9 4L
    Speaking 8.5 5H
    Writing 6.5 5H
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  13. I can't comment about IELTS, but the CELPIP test was quite easy, and as the others already mentioned it takes only about 3 hours.
    Actually, I couldn't find available seats for IELTS when I was looking at my options. In my case it was a matter of availability, but I don't regret that I have done CELPIP instead of IELTS.
  14. Another consideration: CELPIP is fully computerised. I am much more used to typing than to "real" writing, which is why I loved CELPIP. Hours of conference calls via headset also prepared well for the oral part.

    Writing an essay on paper ... not sure that anyone would be able to read that afterwards. :p
  15. agreed - CELPIP is easier than IELTS for me. I cleared CELPIP with 3 5H & One 5L. whereas in IELTS i scored only 5.5 in 2 and 6 in the other 2. I did the same preparation for both...Go for CELPIP

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