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Visitor Acknowledgement Letter

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by GunjanPT, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. I have applied for my parents visitor visa file on May 16, 2018.


    on May 30,2018 we have received this email:

    Thank you for the time you have taken to complete your application. We have received your application and it is currently in process.

    Your application number: XXXXXXXXXX

    This is your file number, and it is specifically for this application and anything to do with this application - like documents we ask you to submit, or medical exams we ask you to undergo connected to this file number. It’s yours and yours alone.
    Please use this application number for any communication with us about this file.

    Your Unique Client Identifier (UCI): XXXXXXXXXXXX

    This is your unique identification number, it’s all about YOU and every application you make is connected to your UCI. It is as unique as you are. You will keep this same UCI for all the subsequent applications you may submit to our department in the future.

    There are some things you can do to help us to process:

    § Check your Online Account to check for status updates, and upload any documents that we request through your online account. Documents submitted this way reach an officer faster. To create an Online Account take note of your application number above, and visit our website: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/e-services/account.asp.

    § Please send all attachments (for example: new passport information) in PDF format for faster processing.

    § Please do not send us documents unless we have requested them. Your application is in queue for processing and sending us information we have not requested pulls resources away from file processing. If we need information, we will contact you.

    § Be patient. Your application is in queue for processing and we will contact you if we need any additional information.

    Did you know? Sending case status enquiries or multiple documents takes resources away from file processing, resulting in longer processing times. We know you want to be sure we received your message, but sending us the same information multiple times pulls resources away from file processing, resulting in longer processing times for everyone.

    Please remember we will contact you through the contact details you provided if any information is required or when your application is ready to be finalized. We appreciate your patience and ask that you contact our office ONLY if there is a change in:

    · your passport

    · your mailing address, e-mail address, or phone number

    · other NEW information relevant to your application (for example, you want to withdraw your application, or you want to add /revoke a representative)

    If you need to update your information, send it to our office once, using only one method (Online Account or the Web form on the IRCC website or email). Please remember it is important to use your XXXXXX for any communication with us about this file.
  3. It is a standard email that the visa office sends to applicants. It does not indicate a TRV approval
  4. HI GUJAN,
  5. same case here
    have u got visa approval??
  6. I was apply paper base for visitor visa with my wife and 1year 11 month my son on 20 June. On 5th July I got a mail visitor acknowledgment letter ... still wait for decision..... any experts give advise , how much time they will take for decision after received acknowledgement..... I wait for reply
  7. Realistically it can take some days or can even take a few weeks. Only thing we can do is wait.. im on the same boat.
  8. did you get the approval?
  9. Hey did you get any decision on your visa?
  10. Hi @simran0147,
    Did you receive any reply ?
  11. Hi All,

    I applied visitor visa for my parents through online, I am holding work permit.
    Applied date: July 9th
    Review eligibility started - July 10th
    Today ( july24th) I got the same email from Delhi immigration international.gc.ca- as mentioned by Gunjan at the top..

    Is this normal? I did check with my friends who recently applied visitor visa for their parents, none of them get this kind of email.. everyone got straight final email which was message updated in CIC account for passport request.

    Please share if anybody got further update after receiving this kind of abnormal email.
  12. Hi Bryanna,

    Do you have any idea on this kind of cases.. only limited people got this kind of email.. this is looks like tenasferring applications to particular visa offices..
    Some where I saw in CIC.. the reason for transfer applications is:
    1) to check integrity of the applicant documents
    2) the flow of applicants is too high, they have right to transfer some applications like this..

    But these kind of cases will take more time .. correct me if I am wrong..
  13. Ravigatraju, That's a standard mail. Mostly people got that email. So don't worry.
    Most probably, you gonna hear the final decision this week. Don't forget to tell us the decision.
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    I got the exactly the same email today
    I applied 11th July
    Review of Eligibility started 11th July

    My daughter applied same dates got request for passport on 14th July on CIC
    Application finalized on CIC account not by Delhi Office
    Passport submitted for daughter today : 26th July

    Lets hope everything works out for everyone here
  15. Any of you guys applied in July got visa approval ?

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