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Valid Job Offer Question

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Bianca1010, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. Hello Guys,

    I’m currently based in Canada with an ITA and CRS of 463, and in a dilemma to accept my ITA or not. My confusion is regarding the “Do you have a valid job offer” question.

    I am on my PGWP and applied through CEC. While submitting my Express Entry profile, I answered the “Do you have a valid Job offer” question as “Yes”. I assumed this was the correct answer based on my work permit.
    However, after receiving my ITA, I realized that I do not qualify for a valid Job offer based on the discussions on these threads https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/valid-job-offer-question-confusion.473548/

    If I answer “Yes” on my PR application, I’m asked to provide 2 additional letters – Offer of Employment and Letter of Employment. Both these letters may sound the same, but they have different meanings.

    If I answer “No” on my PR application, My answer will differ from my Express Entry profile.
    Please note: My CRS score does not change, I have tested my CRS score based on my answers

    In addition, I have provided my past employer's details for the question whom I worked for 1 year 7 months and currently working for a new employer for the past 2 months.

    Honestly, I do not know how to proceed with this situation.

    - Should I accept my ITA?
    If yes, Do I answer “Yes” or “No” to the “Do you have a valid” job offer question?
    If yes, What letters do I provide?
    If no, How will it impact my application, as there will be a discrepancy in my EE and PR application

    - Should I decline my ITA?
    What are the chances of receiving an ITA in the nearest draw, My CRS is 463

    Looking forward to your reply

    Thanks a ton!
  2. You can proceed with your ITA, modify your answer to "No" and provide a LOE regarding the fact that you made a mistake and this mistake has no effect on your eligibility or CRS.
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  3. @DelPiero07 Appreciate your response!
    Is it safe to attach an LOE for this change or am I taking a risk?

    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Thanks in Advance
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  4. I am in the similar situation. I changed it to NO and Offer of Employment and Letter of Employment documents went away. VIP members please respond.
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  5. Did you get points for having a valid job offer? I think you'll get some points for that if you answered "yes" to the question when creating your profile
  6. No points unless you have an approved LMIA. If you are on a PGWP, having a job isn't enough to get the points. You need an approved LMIA as well.
  7. That's right. As long as you didn't get points I think you're good. I know someone that got refused because they got about 50 points for claiming to have an LMIA exempt valid job offer.
    Even though they had a full time job it didn't count as a valid job offer because the offer of employment did not specify that they will have the job at least one year after the PR visa is issued. So, they were refused on the grounds of ineligibilty
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  8. Hi,
    I'm on PGWP as well and my job offer states the it is in indefinite period. Should this be a valid job offer and will I get points for this? Thank you very much
  9. Do you have an approved LMIA or is this job LMIA exempt?
  10. Hi,

    Thank you for your response. I don't have an approved LMIA when I got the offer last year. And my job is not LMIA exempt.
    Does this mean I will not get points for working in the same company for a year now through my PGWP?
  11. Youll get points for working at least 1 year fulltime. But not for having a "valid job offer"
  12. I have a valid LMIA job offer for 2 years starting from dated 23rd Aug 2018. Now it is 11 months from today and On the CIC website, they mentioned they need at least a 1-year valid job offer to qualify for 50 points.

    Can I get an additional 50 points if I apply today?
  13. I believe you can get the 50 points If you have a valid job offer and an approved LMIA
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    Thanks for your reply. But on the CIC website, it says at least 1 year. Will they accept 11 months job offer validity?
  15. No...

    "if you’re currently working in Canada in a NOC 0, A or B job on a work permit that was issued based on an LMIA, and:
    • you’re working for an employer listed on your work permit
    • you’re authorized to work in Canada on the day you apply for a permanent resident visa, and when the visa is issued
    • your current employer made you an offer to give you a full-time job for at least one year if you’re accepted as a permanent resident "
    So basically, the only other thing you would need is a letter from your current employer that offers you employment for a period of at least one year (or "permanent employment") upon your becoming a permanent resident.

    This is so much easier than getting another LMIA : )
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