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Urgent - Biometrics in USA in USCIS center


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Jun 4, 2020
Quick update:
I just successfully got my biometrics at 8:00 in Columbus, OH. It only took 15 minutes for me and my husband.
Before they let me in, they asked my appointment letter and BIL to check the IRCC number, and my passport to check the name. Pretty simple and fast.
My account has been updated with biometrics info right after I finished.
Finger-crossed for next steps. Good luck everyone


Jul 7, 2020
Just got my Biometrics done in Baltimore, MD. I was the only one for 8am appointment. Was literally out of there by 8:15. They took all proper precautions of safety. They didn’t check temperature though. Now onto to the next step. Goodluck to the rest


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Mar 1, 2016
Just got biometrics done today in St Paul Minnesota.
It was by appointment only, they checked the documents on entry.

I made the appointment last week using the same link previously shared on this forum. Also, when I was confirming my appointment on the same link it was giving me wrong date and wrong location. But I had the print out from my original appointment. Please make sure to take PRINT OUT of original appointment as the website is still buggy.

Whole thing was very quick and it was very well managed in terms of social distancing and sanitizer usage.
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Jul 11, 2020
just done the biometrics today at El Monte CA. I am out of legal status in the US but they only checked my passport, appointment confirmation and the biometrics instruction letter.
Good luck guys!