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TRV applied in April 2018 (India)

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Nimma78, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. I applied from india but had a valid PGWP.
  2. Processing times relate to Canadian high commission in India or IRCc in canada
  3. The visa office for the country/territory where the applicant has applied from
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  4. Thanks...
  5. Applied for my in-laws on 30th March, Online from India. Still waiting..
  6. New week started. Hoping that April 1st week applicants will get some good news in this week.
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  7. Does delhi visa office send an email or the message comes in cic account only? Thanks
  8. In how many days did u get the rejection?
  9. None - Its frustrating.
  10. I wonder if we should expect an update as per working hours of India visa office or cic in Canada. I would think that since the PPR comes as a message in the cic account, it would be Canada's working day.... what do u think?
  11. Just received PPR for my parents.....
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  12. congrats, may I know what status your application was showing before ppr?
  13. It was submitted
  14. Congrats
    It was paper or online application??

    I applied on 30th March till no news..

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