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TRV applied in April 2018 (India)

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Nimma78, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Anyone here who has sent passport to VFS by courier? WIll they accept any form of payment other than cash?
  2. It's not possible to send passports by courier in India. Courier companies won't accept them + VFS accepts only cash payments
  3. Another week passed and still no updates on April applicants. Wait for next week
  4. Another week passed and still no updates on April applicants. Wait for next week
  5. March 29?
  6. My mom just got PPR for TRV applied on 4th April 2018.
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  7. Great, which visa office it was?
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  8. When did u receive the email?
    Which visa office processed your mom's case?
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  9. Ya. Some March applicants are still waiting.
  10. When we get decision?
  11. I applied online for TRV for canada on 27th april and its submitted, waiting time 18 days. Don't know the outcome but what i know is; if i don't get visa with these papers i submitted then i won't ever get the visa again and i won't even try. First and best effort from my side.
    I think the refusal rate is almost 70% even with good papers and eligibility as per my 10 days research on how things work in visa processing.
    Thanks to all the suckers who never returned on their TRV and made things impossible for genuine people.
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  12. Don't worry you will get it . Good luck
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  13. NDVO and got mail 3.00 pm at Canadian time on friday
  14. Hii Bryanna, My mom got trv but don't no what is the validity, we r going to send pp for stamping on Monday. But my question is that I ask visa for 3 weeks n I want my mom to stay 3 months..can she stay for 3 months n if yes should I book return ticket for her or only one way.. if she book 3 months return ticket do she have to answer at immigration any 3 months stay??..Please reply Bryanna asap thank you
  15. I applied for myself on 19 April 2018 through offline mode, Jalandhar vfs, Punjab, India.
    Confirmation mail received on 20 April
    I have received these two messages twice.
    Your processed passport has been received from jalandhar to Chandigarh office
    Second one your application has been forwarded to canada visa office (new Delhi may be)
    Why they are sending messages again and again on 28 april with dates 19 and 20 april
    Is it a system error or something else because the person who received my file at the vfs told me to go and get passport when you receive second message after some days

    However, on tracking vfs site, it is written your application number so and so is being processed at new Delhi

    What is going on, anyone help!
    Hoping for a favorable reply

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