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TRV applied in April 2018 (India)

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Nimma78, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Hi
    I have applied TRV for my children on April 5th at Chandigarh. Please share your timeline so that we can get some idea about processing times of visa offices?
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  2. Also I have applied through online portal.
  3. Applied online for parents on April 09 Delhi
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  4. Did u get the confirmation emails?
  5. Hi...

    I have applied visa for myself and my family on 7th -April..
    Got confirmation Email for submission for all on 8th-April. In this confirmation message i was asked to send a copy of passport for all, which i sent on 9th-April.
    I got my approval for visa application on 11th-April and message was to send original passport within 30days.

    Now the problem is My passport submission request is active.....but other family member's application is still under progress (Not yet approved).

    I am travelling to US on 1st May for a month....and wish to travel Canada for one week during my stay in US. For which i have applied for visa now.

    Do you think in this duration I will get Visas approved and stamped taking into account the time required by CVAC to stamp a visa after approval which is still not available for all the members except me.

    I dont want to handover passports to Canadian embassy and end up crossing the day of my flight to US for want of passports.

    Also can i send Visa for stamping to Canadian embassy while I am in US on the current application.

    Please guide, I am really tensed up.
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  6. Did you get a Confirmation like this :?

    Dear XXXX,

    This confirms that your application has been received by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on

    When will IRCC contact me?

    You are expected to provide a COPY of your passport with your electronic application. If IRCC needs your physical
    passport, IRCC will request that you submit it to our office
    . IRCC will also contact you if we require additional information,
    documents or an interview. For general guidance on what to expect, you can visit
    or consult the “What Happens Next” section of the instruction guide
    associated with the application form you used.

    This seems to be generic and you do upload your passport in online application anyway. If not, how did you send the copy to them?


    You should contact the Canadian embassy in USA via email. They do reply.
  7. yeah, same day
  8. U should send your passport for visa stamping. It will take a week only, so you have plenty of time.
  9. Yea I got this message as you wrote above......

    I sent the scan of my passport again along with downloaded letter in pdf they sent on my CIC account.
  10. Do
    VFS do a passport pickup service from home....my nearest VFS office is 230Kms from where I am residing........
  11. No. U need to visit VFS centre.
  12. Hi friends!!
    Got PPR for rest of the family members also.......

    Timelines as:

    Online application submitted on 7th-April......got acknowledgement same day.....
    Got my approval on 11th-April.
    Got family members approval on 15th-April.
    Will submit all passports on 17th-April.
    Expect them back with stamping by 25th-April....

    Share your views about expected date......
  13. Applied for my in-laws on 30th March, Online from India. Still waiting.
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  14. Applied online on 12th April
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