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TRV applied in April 2018 (India)

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Nimma78, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. As web form was not working, so I sent an email to both Chandigarh n new Delhi visa offices requesting them to make a decision on my application.
  2. Is this visa renewal or fresh application ?
  3. Hi Bryanna and all seniors,

    Thanks all for ur support.

    PPR request got today for both parents...!!


    Online TRV VISITOR VISA Application submitted - 28 April 2018 ( INDIA )
    Status changed to reviewing ur eligibility on 15 May 2018

    Got PPR request on 16 May 2018

    Reason of visiting- Daughter,s Degree convocation ceremony..
    FUNDS FOR 2 persons - 15k CAD * 3 months old only

    All the best for all others..!!

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  4. Congrats!!!! New Delhi visa office?
  5. Thanks... :) Online submission, so can't guess..
  6. In you PPR letter, it must be mentioned that which visa office the letter is from. Could you please have a look?
  7. It's no where mentioned apart of last line IRCC...

    any particular VO symbol or code u mean..??
  8. It could be processed in Canada then. If you live in Northern region of India then chances are its New Delhi High Commission.
  9. Ok.. I think online submissions mostly processed in Canada.. if not, then may be Bangalore Canadian Consulate, as we reside in Mumbai.
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  10. As anticipated my 2 month old daughter’s visa gt rejected :( reason stated
    Grounds for refusal
    family ties in Canada and in country of residence
    Purpose of visit

    Anybody can suggest what can be done?
  11. Super fantastic. Truly happy for you.

    Have a wonderful time with your parents :):)
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  12. Unfortunately, TRV refusals are common in such cases. Have you landed as PRs?

    IMO, the best solution would be for your husband to move to Canada and then apply for PR for your daughter
  13. Yes me my husband and elder daughter did landing n have PR cards. He is alrdy in Canada now since a week but we were to travel together. I wished we didnt have to stay away :( feeling very depressed. :(
  14. We've seen other parents who went through the same refusals like yourself. Don't get depressed. Cheer up :):)

    Start the PR process asap. It will work
  15. Thanks Bryanna. Its gonna be a long wait before i can be with my husband. Almost 8-10 months.

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