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Thread For applications Through SYDNEY (AUSTRALIA) Office

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Aucknz, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I received PPR but the email says to submit Passport to Sydney VO, however, the principal applicant is in India. What should we do?
  2. Did you change your address after moving back to India?
  3. On ECAS, it is showing his current address. We already submitted passport to VAC in Delhi.
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  4. I am living in australia ..
    File submitted 1 aug 2018
    Medical done 05 nov 2018
    Sponsorship approved 18 oct 2018
    Additional document requested marriage photographs 7 dec 2018
    Please let me know about your case please ...
    My mailing address
  5. Application received: 6 dec 17
    AOR : 29 JAN 18
    MEDICAL: 4 feb 18
    Sponsor Approval : 01 March 18
    File transfee to Sydney: 02 march 18
    Documents requested : 02 Oct 18
    Decision made and PPR: 20 dec 18
  6. Which documents are requested from you ....??
    And which nationality you are???
  7. Confratzz.... can you confirm what entry date did you get?
  8. They ask for driving history report from Australia.
    I'm Pakistani but lived in Australia.
  9. Thanks, u must enter before you medical expired.
  10. Hiw did you get driving history report from Australia?
  11. Hey guys. Just found out that my visa office is Sydney, Australia. I’m an FSW-O applicant from Pakistan, but applied from Australia. My timeline is listed below.

    AOR - 6th December
    MEP & BIOMETRICS: 17 January

    Does anyone know the processing times of Sydney, Australia office? Is there a WhatsApp group I can join?

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  12. Thought I'd get this thread rolling again as it seems like there's been a number of applications that have just been sent to Sydney.

    Does anyone know recent processing times?
  13. We’re being processed through Sydney, Aus as well - would certainly like to keep connected with others in the same boat!

    I’ve looked back across the last year on the spreadsheet, and while there aren’t many Aussie applicants listed, several on the spreadsheet seem to have been processed with DM around the 6 month mark.

    Although I’ve also read a few threads that had a 12-month mark DM
  14. I'm october applicant from south Australia. Not had any movement yet but I'm sure my app will get transferred one day. So hi. Lol

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