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Thank you Asivad Anac

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by ashutoshmanohar, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. Won't be a problem.
  2. You might have to approach the police station as the passport officials might provide this service only to Indian citizens.

    Check here as well ---> http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/security/police-cert/asia-pacific/india.asp
  3. Hi asivad
    I Sent it through CSE too
    CSE needs a file size of 2MB and total should not exceed 3.5MB
    but my file size was 3.2MB

    Therefore, I have to split it in 3 files.

    1) Letter of Explanation
    2) Schedule - A
    3) Supplementary Infomation -- Your Travel

    Is there any harm if there Letter of Explanation is in a different file?
  4. Hi asivad,

    Thanks for helping us. I just have a quick question. I have my attorney email (which is no not working)in my GCMS notes. But I have been receiving updates to my personal email. But I had ghost email yesterday but no PPR. Email id mentioned in GCMS is the one which receives my PPR?

    Is it possible to get PPR to my gcms email id though I have been getting updates to my personal email ?
  5. You will need to submit a CSE and change your email before they can route the PPR to your email id.
    Do you still have your attorney taking care of your file. In that case, you/ he might need to change the email to his newer one. If not, you would then need to cancel your representative using this one - http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/forms/imm5475e.pdf

    Look for more info on this page - http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/guides/5561E.asp
  6. No harm. Try and compress the files further so that you can send all of them together.
  7. Use this.. smallpdf.com or ilovepdf.com to compress pdfs. Was a life saver when I was trying to compress all those scans and documents.
  8. Thanks Asivad,
    I will send them another CSE with more compressed version
  9. Thanks friend
  10. Dear Asivad

    My wes eca report has only Masters degree mentioned as I did not submit Bachelors degree for review.
    I saw from other user experiences that Masters is anyways given as summary even if u submit bachelors plus masters.
    while Iam preparing my documents and application for post ITA, should I mention my bachelors ?
    I don't hv eca for it and am not going to send it to WES now for including since I lost my bachelors marksheets, only bachelors degree is available?

    expert advice pls...
  11. If your Canadian equivalency is Masters then you done't need to send them and get ECA done for Bachelors. Having said that there is no harm in mentioning your Bachelors in the ITA (personal section)

    Although point is void now but, you don't need to send your mark-sheets to WES for evaluation, that's the job for your university/institute. You just need to send your Degree/diploma certificates.
  12. Dear Asivad,

    Before posting my query, I want to thank you for being so helpful to everyone. I have sent my application under OINP and am currently waiting for AOR. I remember I had written a personal message to you a few days ago and you had sent me a prompt reply. Big Thanks!

    My question, however, is regarding my friend’s application under SINP. He had applied under NOC 2132 (Mechanical Engineer) in December end and he got a reply back from SINP in Jan first week saying that his application was incomplete because of the following missing document:

    Saskatchewan Licensure - You have not provided proof of eligibility for Saskatchewan licensure to be able to work in your profession. Proof of eligibility for Saskatchewan licensure from the regulatory body is required as part of your application because your profession is regulated and requires mandatory (compulsory) certification or licensing.”

    They had also written this in the letter:

    “We encourage you to reapply once you have gathered the necessary forms and documents. You can find more information for the SINP at ......”

    Now, we found on their website that one doesn’t need a license for NOC 2232 (Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians). We have the following queries:

    1) Can my friend apply again under NOC 2232 whenever SINP opens next time? Their website says that their intake for the year 2016 has been reached. But toward the end of 2015, they opened almost every month.

    2) Are the PNP applications linked to EE profile? My friend’s NOC in EE profile at present is 2132. He has applied to Nova Scotia as well under 2132. Should he change the NOC in EE profile to 2232, in order to be eligible for SINP? What happens to his previous application under 2132 if he does that?

    Many thanks!
  14. Thank you.

    These two NOCs 2132 and 2232 are closely related.

    Can one create two EE profiles with two different NOCs and apply to different provinces? The names, passport numbers will all be the same!
    Is there a possibility to change the NOC in his Nova Scotia application now? The NS application was paper based.

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