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super visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Soomro123, May 2, 2018.

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    Hi ,
    I applied for my parents for super visa in April 17th 2018 (Pakistan) . My father got email regarding medical in April 29th 2018 but my mother still did not get any response from Canadian immigration regarding medical. We don’t get it we applied for both in one envelop some documents were same for both. And we applied for them in 2014 and got three years super visa because their passport was expiring in 3 years. What could be the reason ? Is there possibility my mother does not need medical ? They had medical in 2014. And my mother is 10years younger than my father.
    Thanks in advance
  2. Hi,

    1. No, your mom must give the super visa medicals.

    2. It is possible/it happens quite often that members of the same family could get medical requests/decisions at different points in time.

    3. She will need to wait for the request for medicals

  3. my father didnt hear back anything from cic when i linked paper app online it says medical requested its been almost 36 days but we submit upfront medical paper and even I send it to the email as well and got reply from them saying they have included it in the application
  4. If you have not sent them your eMedical information sheet in your email to then then I would suggest you to send case specific inquiry to Abu Dhabi office https://secure.cic.gc.ca/enquiries-renseignements/case-cas-eng.aspx?mission=abu%20dhabi Attach the eMedical information sheet and write to them that it is already submitted with the application but because of the online status "Medical requested" you are attaching it.
    FYI, Abu Dhabi office acts only on send case specific inquiry
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  5. i send the form later after 10 days i got email that they received it and they have attached it but still after 10 days nothing changed should i send it to abu dhabi office again on link you give??
  6. Yes, you need to inform them through case specific inquiry web form (link shared in my previous post) tell them that you already submitted the original eMedical information sheet with the application package and attached the scanned copy (I hope you scanned it) for their reference.
  7. Hello Friends,
    I want to apply super visa for my parents and i have few queries regarding super visa. i would really appreciate if anyone can help me.
    1. Is there any format available for invitation letter for super visa
    2. Should i mentioned the duration for which my parents would stay in canada (should i mention 2 years?)
    3. Should I attach itinerary return air tickets?
    4. How can i get their medicals test done before applying for visa?
    5. Is there any set format for Property assessment back home?

    Any help will be highly appreciated.
  8. he passed the medical and they updated it online now when should I expect passport request any idea how long they take after medical passed???
  9. Could be anytime between now and upto a month. Medical pass is a good sign. You will get it IN SHA ALLAH
  10. Hey Bryanna,

    Hope you are keeping very well..

    Need to have your help here please

    My parents have applied for Super Visa ONLINE on 29th April 2018 , but have a made a little mistake choosing the dropdown while filling eiligibility. They have emailed and filled WEBFORM to withdraw application 9th May 2018.

    POST review email from CIC to my parents :-

    1. Should i consider the application for my parents is withdrawan or going to be withdrwan ?
    2. if not , when can my parents re-submit the new application ? CIC just mentioned OFFICE will determine if can be withrawn or not ?

    ******Please see below two way conversation for more clarification*******

    Parents filled WEBFORM as below to CIC to withdraw application on 9th MAY :-


    To, Canadian Immigration,
    Subject :- Withdraw Online Submitted application and Re-submit Application

    This is to inform you that I , APPLICANT NAME and my spouse ,SECOND APPLICANT ,have submitted an TRV application Online as per below reference numbers :- XXXXXXX and XXXXXXXX with all other require details.

    Date Submitted :- April 29, 2018

    Issue Occured :-

    For eligibility questions , At the time of filling answers online , We have selected the incorrect drop down option on below question for online submitted application :-

    Question was - > How are you related to Your Family Member ?

    Instead of choosing the drop down answer as 'Child/Grandchild', we have selected the drop down answer as' Parent/Grandparent '

    The above incorrect dropdown selection had resulted our application submitted under the category of 'Visitor visa - over 6 months', which should not have happened.

    Kindly need your help , support and guidance to withdraw the current application, Once the
    Withdrawal of application is confirmed from your end, we will re-submit the application. We would highly appreciate your assistance in advance

    My Parents....

    CIC REPLIED ON EMAIL to my parents on 9th MAY as below

    Good day APPLICANT,

    Thank you for contacting Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

    A note has been added to your file to notify the responsible office that you wish to withdraw your application. Once the processing of your application begins, the office will determine if the application can be withdrawn and will issue a refund within 16 weeks of the withdrawal, if applicable.

    If you have submitted your application with family members and you are the principal applicant, the office will also withdraw their applications.

    Please note that the decision to withdraw an application is definitive, and that a new application will require the applicable fees.

    We hope the information provided is helpful in assisting you with your enquiry.

    Sincerely From,
    CIC agent


    please REPLY, Need your Help
  11. Hey long time! Not sure what happened to last year's TRV applications.

    You should not have requested for the applications to be withdrawn. This is a minor error which can be easily corrected by sending the CSE/ email to the relevant visa office with the amended application forms.

    If you decide to withdraw their applications, you will need to wait for even up to 8 weeks before you get a confirmation that their files have been closed.... before you can reapply.

    In short: Don't withdraw their applications. Simply send the amended forms (complete set for each parent) and request the visa office to consider these new forms
  12. inshaaAllah
  13. Hey...Yes it's a long time....No it was not trough.....So i have planned to put Super Visa this time......

    So,,,,,,Here what Happened is .....FORMS are filled up perfect with the OPTION of super visa.... i mean IMM5257 is filled correctly under the options of 'DETAILS of visit to CANADA' as super visa for ' PARENTS or GRANDPARENTS'

    BUT...... While making the online application AFTER GC-KEY got created.... when you fill ELIGIBILITY QUESTIONS BEFORE MAKING AN APPLICATION ... Made the error as specified in earlier trail.........

    It's very tricky question ..... which changes the complete checklist and does not give category for 'SUPERVISA' if you select 'PARENTS' [question was ...... how are you related to your family member]

    So it gave us all document checklist as per ' Visit Visa - More than 6 Months' due to incorrect drop down selection

    PLEASE note that we have provided all documents for Supervisa......but the category though Eligibility questions is not correct....

    Questions :-

    1. Can i send email / CSE to change that error and not WITHDRAW the file , to continue as SUPER VISA application..
    2. if yes , How can they re-do and let CIC know to ignore about withdrawal and continue application..
    3. Please provide me the guidance as We are stuck all way.....

    Please Help......Any chance We can talk offline as well through call or another mode... need a desperate help.... i appreciate your help as alwayz...

  15. Hi ,
    As I asked you before about my Mom’s medical . We haven’t received anything regarding my Mom. It’s been almost 2 and half month. And my father did medical before the required medical time. How can we track the application ?For my father they sent us application no etc but could not find any website to track it.
    But for my Mom we have nothing to track . I don’t know what could be possibility. Looks like something wrong about my moms application.How come they can reject my Moms application because my Mom is fully dependent on my Father. Well let’s wait !!!
    Just I have one question how can we track the application?

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