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Study permit applications from Jamaica

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Nessa94, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. Did you travel with your family or spouse?
  2. Thanks much for your response.
  3. Good night again guys.
    I am planning to travel with my husband and 3 kids. Do you suggest i get legal help or i can get through by doing it myself?
  4. No problem
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  5. It's straightforward enough if you have time. If not you can use a consultant to ensure you dont miss anything.
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  6. Has anyone applied for Study permit in June gotten a response from CIC?
  7. Yes, I got a response on Monday.
  8. Thanks when in June did you apply?
  9. June 4th
  10. Thank you. I applied June 19th so I guess I still have longer to wait.
  11. Give it till the end of this month to early August.
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  12. Hi, I would like to know if there is anyone in this forum that is about to apply for TRV/Study Permit for September intake 2019. I am going through an agent and he said that, they usually submit documents in July, so I should not worry. I am also applying for a TRV for my daughter. Is there a deadline when documents, should be submitted to the High Commission? Thanks in advance for any information provided.
  13. The processing time is 6 weeks so it seems late for September.
  14. I am wondering though, why would a immigration consultant company submit documents this late in July, being that the study permit is six weeks processing time.
  15. They do...i know someone who got thru late September & still went without any issues...some schools allow intake up to the 4th week in September so think you should go ahead & not waste any more time

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