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Study permit applications from Jamaica

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Nessa94, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. Ohhh it's paper, well that one takes a bit longer.
  2. Yeah
  3. We applied together. Sure I can assist.
  4. Good night did you apply online or by paper?
  5. Are you planning to submit online or by paper?
  6. Online, that's much faster and in ensure I've included all required documents. I would recommend that method.
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  7. Ok thanks
  8. My student just got accepted to Brescia University and got study permit.
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  9. When did u apply for study permit?
  10. Did you are anyone you know used antonn brown and what's the cost and how did the process went?
  11. Good morning can you please say which agent you used an idea of the cost and name and contact information for the agent please. I would really appreciate a response soon. Thanks
  12. I used Bison Immigrations, the name of the owner is Kari Davis.
    Contact info:
    22B Old Hope Road
    Kingston 5
    Ph: 876-784-9302

    Email: info@bisonimmigration.com
    Website: bisonimmigration.com
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  13. What are the fees like for Bison?
  14. I honestly don't want to tell you the wrong price because I paid for other services in one. So I think its best you give her a call or send an email to find out. It shouldn't be more than about $200 CAD.
  15. Thanks

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