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Study permit applications from Jamaica

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Nessa94, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. Any Jamaican applicants for study permit, Sept 2019 intake?
  2. Yeah which college you going? When did you applied for your study permit?
  3. I'm going to New Brunswick Community College, I applied for visa today
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  4. Ok great did you use a representative or you applied yourself if yes you applied online or on paper?
  5. I used an agent and it was by paper.
  6. Ok I’m going Durham College I also used an agent
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  7. Hi, yes... i applied March 26 and did biometrics on the 2nd. Will be attending the Marine Institute of the Memorial University of Newfoundland.
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  8. I applied online btw. Did it myself
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  9. Hi Debz_ja I applied by paper and did biometrics on the 3rd, I am anxiously waiting.
  10. When do you plan on traveling btw? Which month?
  11. August... around the 20th. School starts Sep. 4, wud use the 3 weeks to settle etc.
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  12. I will be attending St. John’s campus Faculty of Education.
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  13. Do you think its ok to travel in May, I have a friend I will be staying with until school starts
  14. Will be attending Seneca College in September. Applied for study permit March 13th and it was approved April 3rd.
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  15. wow that was quick! I feel very hopeful now! hoping to get my approval in the next 2 weeks

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