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Steps to check PR Card Status !!

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by gaurang.parmar, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Landed in Toronto Etobicoke office on Oct 2, and received IRCC email that the card has been sent for production.

    Do you know how long I might need to wait to see any progress?

  2. Thank you!

    The steps you provided were very helpful.

    Does anyone know the list of valid PR card statuses?

    My wife & I landed on Oct 2018, my pr card status says it is "submitted", but my wife's pr card status says "pending registration".

    I have no idea what these statuses really mean? What statuses does the application progress through?

    Btw on the CIC website it says that it takes generally 50 days to process a new PR application, we have been waiting for about 40 days...I wonder how accurate the general processing time for PR card is?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. Hi Folks, I along with my family landed on 13 Oct'18. The status of PR card application still shows "Submitted" even today. today is 51st day. As per CIC website, processing time is 50 days. Any suggestions to write to IRCC? Anybody else who did landing around same dates, please share the status? With X'mas around the corner, I am skeptical if I would get it before X'mas or even later than that?
  4. I landed on Oct,11/2018. no updates yet
  5. Hi all,

    Just saw that the application changed to approved, and in side I could see the PR card details + nuumber.

    Does this mean the card has been sent out? when should i expect it to arrive moving forward?
  6. Your card should arrive in 10-15 days in regular mail.
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  7. contact CIC through the web form/or call and ask for update.. You will mostly receive it new year with holidays coming
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  8. Perfect now fingers crossed to see if it will come in before Christmas
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    We've landed on October 8, our accounts still says "Submitted" for all of us (my daughter, my son and myself). I sent a Web Form enquiry to IRCC after 51st days (November 29th- after normal processing time of 50 days) still no reply, so I just called IRCC on 52nd days of process, they said mine and my son's PR cards were already sent to production, while my daughter's still on pending because of photo requirement, we are so curious why her photo isn't okay while we did all the photo together in one studio and they should have told us that before hand before the processing time had passed. Anyway we have sent hers after that day, and we'll wait for the next update..Until now, our CIC account shows "Submitted",
    1. would they change this into "Approved" status once the PR card's are mailed?
    2. Do you usually receive an email from IRCC that PR card is approved and sent by mail?
    3. Any update with yours, and how long does my daughter's will get her PR card after sending her photo again? Anyone here has the same issue with mine or related? Thanks.
  10. Landed:Sep 25
    Ghost update: Nov 15
    Card Approved: Nov 28
    Card Received: Dec 4
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  11. Landed: Oct 2
    Card Approved: Dec 3
    Card Receoved: Dec 5
  12. Thanks @DarKKnight11
    I checked my account today for an update. There was this ghost update of Application/profile updated which changed to submitted when I clicked at full status for all 3 of us. What I am seeing from fellow members' posts is it takes 10-12 days after ghost update to get approved and then 4-5 days for mail delivery. With this, I am not sure if I am getting it before new year :(
  13. Hi,
    Can anyone tell me whether I am gonna get Ontario health card along with PR cards or I need to apply it with Service Ontario?
  14. Landed: Aug 17, 2018 (Myself, wife and 2 kids)
    New photo request for myself and my son: Oct 3, 2018
    Application update for my wife and daughter: Oct 3, 2018
    Application approved for my wife and daughter: Oct 12, 2018
    New photos received at CIC for myself and son: Oct 15, 2018
    PR card receipt for my wife and daughter: Oct 19, 2018
    Application update for myself and son: Dec 2, 2018
    Application approved for myself and son: Dec 9, 2018
    PR card receipt for myself and son: Waiting
  15. I have landed at saskatoon office on 6 Nov 2018, visa officer said you will receive yr PR card by mail, i have to travel my backhome on 5 jan 2019 is there any possiblity that i can get my PR card before that and any one can suggest me how to check the status of PR card online?

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