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Steps to check PR Card Status !!

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by gaurang.parmar, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Hello Friends I though many people who recently landed might want to check PR card status then follow below steps. Me and many of my friends have already done it. we all were on express entry (SINP).

    Follow below steps only after you have landed. It gives only 5 attempts in one day.

    1) Login to CIC account.
    2) Go to section "Link an existing application to this account". Click on "Link application to this account" button.
    3) Select category as PR Card
    4) Select "Unique Client Identifier (UCI) and Family Name"
    5) Fill required details (please make sure capital, small, comma etc.)
    6) Provide landing date in "Date you became a permanent resident"
    7) Click on search my application.
    8) after application searched make sure you submit application else not linked.

    One you have successfully linked your application it will shown you as "Submited" status and once it is ready for dispatch it will go into "Approved" status.

    If you receive any photo request then it will not change any status. Regularly check PR card processing time on CIC website as photo request or PR card approval both come in last 5-10 days (i.e if processing time is 63 days then after 55 days you will be able to see some movement.)
  2. This has been very helpful. I was not aware that you could link your PR Card application to your existing CIC account.
  3. Very nice! Can you see those of other family members? Or just the principal applicant?
  4. you need to add family member application separately to you account so you can track it.
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  5. if im renewing my PR card, and I got fully returned back by requesting retake the photo and refill the date that i missed on the signature.
    I just mailed it yesterday. Do u know how many days i will get my 2nd card back?
    I mean do i have to lineup again?
    I was mailed on June 21, returned on August 18
  6. Hi

    If any photo request, do we receive a message to my CIC account or should we check our post mail box or will they email us?

  7. Are you renewing your PR card or is this your first application (newly landed immigrant)? The photo request does not apply if this is your first PR card.
  8. This is my first PR card.

    Do CIC take the photo on COPR or the one we uploaded in mycic for PR card photo? Dont they request a new photo, if the photo provided is not as per the requirement?
  9. For people who got a photo request, how did you get it? E-mail? MyCiC account?
  10. Yes if your photo is not as per their specification. i.e. 80% face, visible ears, not shading, straight face, no open mouth etc. they consider latest photo so I understand COPR photo they are using.
  11. If it is for Child you will receive in physical mail. if it is for adult mostly only email will come. it will not be updated in MyCIC account.
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  12. Does anyone can answer me?
  13. Hi All,

    Good Day!

    I have just linked PR Card application to my CIC account. The CBSA officer had a concern about our photographs and he said they may request for new photos. Now since I have linked my application to mycic, will I get the new photo request in mycic account or will it come via physical email?

    Please advise

  14. Hi all, can i link my pr card application as i have applied through immigration lawyer?
  15. Landed on Nov. 13 and left the country on Dec. 8. Soft landing. Family still there waiting for PR card.

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