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Startup Visa Program Timeline

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by deenfae, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. Hi Tugi, I just wondering to know that this work permit which is through your start-up is what kind of work permit. I mean do you have to work with it about your program? or do you have to work wherever you want (open work permit) or Is it formalities just to secure your stay in canada without working? And, If you apply for it can your sponse get it as well or not? and do you have to be in Canada or you can spend half of the year outside?
  2. Hi Mauchan

    As you said the pre-arrival was triggered by eligibility pass. I notified it when I talked to an IRCC Agent.

    couple weeks after pre-arrival email we received Medical Request and a day after background status changed to what people in this forum says "IP2" .

    What do you think about BG check timeline in this stage ? how do we now whether we are subjected for SS or just a routine security ? my app submitted in Feb 2018
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    Hi Soheilhs,

    Based on a few SUV applicants I've interacted with, a normal BG check is completed within 1 - 2 months. If there are additional document requests then it might take a while longer.

    Have no idea about the SS part. It depends on what parameters IRCC use to decide how your application is assessed.
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  4. Hi Amir, my startup visa work permit allows me to only work for my company, so I can't be employed for any other company directly. My spouse got an open work permit though, so she can choose any employer. I'm not aware of a time requirement for being present in Canada, and I do know a couple of other entrepreneurs who've spent most of their time outside Canada even though they have work permits. Detailed reading here: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/start-visa/work-permits.html#6.5
  5. HAVE you been requested Updated Schedule A and PCC by any chance ? No update since you BG changed to in process?
  6. Nothing new since the " we are processing your background check" I think my PCC still in vaild date but will be expired by Feb 2019 :( .what's your status my friend?
  7. my status is " I am furious and tired of such unfair and crazy process indeed " ;)

    but the application status :

    I Gave medical 10 days ago. now the ***hole physician said your xray is suspicious come for another test .
    Officer asked me new PCC. I provided to them but there is no response from their side or even auto reply that you know whether they received it or not.
  8. Hi @stc121
    Any update so far ? Mine medical passed and background in process
  9. the same as you ! the latest update was also on Dec 2018, medical passed and BG check in process. it's been month.looks like we are on the same boat. are you inland or outland? where you come frm?
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  10. I am essential member currently on WP . applie inland. one of our team applied outland but our timeline is exactly same.
  11. Hi guys, My agent called my dad yesterday and she said that in the March my dad who is the main applicant should go to some classes in the York University. Do you have any experience or idea about that?
  12. Hello Amir.

    I assume you are at the beginning of the process ( not yet obtained the letter of support ) and contracted with a lawyer and I think before they give you letter of Support and commitment certificate they required your father to participate in some program which probably is incubator/accelerator program. usually takes couple of weeks and you have to pay $ for it. ( or you paid already to the lawyer as a part of contract ) .

    So your father has to participate actively in the program until you meet the incubator criteria and obtain the letter of support.
    I wish you the best in this journey
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  13. Thank you so much Soheil,

    Do you have any idea about the amount of time that it takes to get the letter of support after those classes?

    Also, After receiving letter of support how long normally takes to get the notice to do the medicals and police certificate to become PR?
  14. Well I dont know what story is between you and DE and also the lawyer. So I can not help in this matter. Even it could be possible that they do not give you a letter of support. Its really a complicated process.

    However as soon as you received CC and lettet of support , you can apply ( you also need clb 5 + POF ) .

    Once you received the AOR the first step is eligibility. If you pass the eligibility the rest is medical and background check.

    PCC must be submit along with all other supporting document at the time of submission.

    All the best
  15. hello.any updates about your case ? mine is being waiting since IP2 for nearly 2 months still no update.

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