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Startup Visa Program Timeline

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by deenfae, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. I noticed today my application status changed from "In Process" to "Decision Made". No further information though. I guess we'll just see. :)
  2. Congrets!!! where did you check case status? is that https://services3.cic.gc.ca/ecas/introduction.do?app=ecas .I think since you are in Canada already so everything its faster since there is no international shipment between offices and offices.
  3. Congratulation . I received AOR in April . However I even haven't been asked for the medical exam.

    So frustrating , so Stressful .
  4. Yes that's where I'm checking the status. No further news yet, but I think you might be right as I'm already here it's going a bit faster.
  5. I hear you brother, hang in there, we'll all get it soon. For some reason I can't reply to your private message btw.
  6. Hi everyone, I hope you all are doing well with life and your start-up visas.
    I have moved to Canada recently with my parents, I have study permit and we are trying to apply for start-up visa. We signed the contract with the agent from 3 months ago and we received a phone call from the company which gives the letter of support as well. Now they want us to send them ielts within two months amd my father is working so hard to achieve to his goal. However, As i read on the cic website apparently they want all the ielts elements on the mark of 5 excluding reading which could be at least 4. So, my question is what have you all done for your ielts test and after the ielts test how long did it take for each of you to receive your letter of support from the company. Also, could some of you tell me that how long did it take for you from the moment that you contacted to the company to start your paper works, until you received your confirmation of permanent resident? Thank you so mich I hope everyone including me and my family receive their permanent resident confirmation ASAP.
  7. mine IELTS is average 6 .with my case it's took 18months from the beginning and still on going waiting for decision made .good luck to you and your family
  8. Hi thanks for your respond. 18 months is so long i hope you get it asap. My agent said that most of her cases with the company that she works are getting the letter of support quicker (e.g. 5-6 months) If ur decision is made they will definable inform you so soon and I think they will confirm your case with sending the confirmation of permanent resident to you.
  9. so after the medical have been reveived, my case is backgroud check.how long that will be takes? thanks
  10. There is no standard time. It could be anywhere between 1 - 5 months depending on several factors like the country you're applying from, the visa office your application is in, the number of applicants/dependents, travel history, ADR requirements after medical, and the workload of the case officer.

    Also note that the CIC application dashboard doesn't show the background check as complete until you receive your COPR or landing papers.
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  11. Good day Mauchan

    My AOR was April 2018 (inland) . There was no update until I request gcms notes on October. I received GCMS on Novemeber and everything was in “ not started “ mode.

    Eligibility , criminality , security medical etc.

    However couple days after I received the pre-arrival invitation. I thought I would receive medical by follow but haven't received it as of today.

    So I requested second GCMS couple days ago and by mid January I hope I receice new notes . The only question that I have . Although background status in both profile and gcms shown not started , even medical not requested yet , is there possibilty that they initiated that since the application received but it was still ongoing on the day they released the gcms and because of that its shown “not started” OR it definitely could not be started at least until the date of gcms report or eligibility pass?
    Its really frustrating and I’m very nervous

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    Hello Soheilhs,

    There's no saying what's going on behind the scenes till you review your second set of GCMS notes. My hypothesis is that the pre-arrival letter was triggered by eligibility pass - which means that the officer completed assessing the commitment certificate, the IELTS score and the POF - the step after R10/AOR. However, your online profile will continue to display "we are reviewing your eligibility" ( same for the background check) until you receive the COPR.

    I can understand your frustration; I hope your application gets processed soon.
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  13. Hi Tugi, how long do you get the workpermit from the day of applying for work permit? What country did you apply workpermit from? Thanks
  14. I applied for the work permit while in Canada as a business visitor. The processing was pretty quick, a few days to receive acknowledgement. Then I went to the Canada/US border to get the work permit there through a process called "flag poling". It seems I'll need to do this again when I receive my COPR.
  15. Thank you!

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