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Spouse Open Work permit


Aug 25, 2020
Hi folks, my spouse wants to apply for the SOWP (spouse open work permit) but I ticked that she will not accompany me as I filled my closed work permit application (a few months ago) since she was about to get her PR, but it takes much longer than expected so she needs a new visa.

  1. I think she is still elligible to get the SOWP but I'm not sure. Can anyone confirm?
  2. As well in her SOWP application, they ask "Are you accompanying a family member?" Should she tick "yes" or "no" in this case? --> With a yes they ask for my WP, with a no they only ask for our common law proofs, which sounds weird to us.
I will be infinitely greatful for any help on this matter!
Mar 30, 2021
Hi, I applied for my wife's Open Work Permit from India online.
Nov 19 - applied
Dec 2 - medical request
Dec 6 - biometrics request
Dec 12 - passport request
Dec 17 - status change to application approved.

As shown the processing time 5 weeks on website.
This was done in 4 weeks.

Hope your all files get done faster guys.
If you applied yourself could you please provide the document list