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Spouse Open Work permit

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by ashub, May 2, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am an Indian Citizen, currently working in USA. My Employer is sending me to Canada as Intra Company Transfer (ICT) under Specialised Technical Skills category.

    My spouse will be travelling with me to Canada and i am applying for Visa at canadian consulate NY.

    I have few questions on Spouse's Open Work Permit (OWP). Appreciate if you guys can help me.

    a. Can i apply for Open Work permit for my Spouse along with my work permit application ? or should i wait till i reach to canada and then apply for OWP ?
    b. if yes, what additional forms/fees are reuired to be filled up at the time of submitting documents to consulate.

    Please help. Thanks.
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  2. you can apply open work permit to your wife at the time of you apply to work permit.

    with respect to documents, the documents are same to work permit and open work permit.
  3. Thanks priyum521...

    I have few questions on submitting forms for OWP for spouse.
    a. I understand that i need to submit form "Application for Work Permit Made Outside Canada [IMM 1295] " for spouse. should i also submit form "Application for a Temporary Resident Visa Made Outside Canada [IMM 5257E]" for my spouse along with IMM1295?
    b. on section "Details of Intended work in Canada" of IMM 1295E, what should i mention in prospective employer detail section ? since it is a open work permit , can i leave it blank.

    Please help.

  4. Hi,

    Here are answers

    1. Even for your spouse you need to apply "Application for Work Permit Made Outside Canada [IMM 1295]" if you need open work permit
    2. Specify open work permit.

    Please let me know if you need any information.

  5. 1. The work permit application will take care of the TRV application. Only submit the work permit application.
    2. Leave it blank on the OWP application.
  6. Thanks priyum521 and rjessome for helping me.

    Will there be more chances of rejection or delay if i apply for spouse's open work permit along with my work permit ? Should i apply for TRV for spouse now and apply for OWP after reaching Canada ? Please advice.

    How much time visa processing takes in Canadian consulate @New York ?
  7. Hi i also want to know some valuable information from u people

    I got married last year may 2011, after 10 days my husband left to canada toronto on his work permit. then after in the month of june we have applied for trv. but it got rejected. after that my husband workpermit is going to expire in november. so we could not apply for trv again. then in the March 2012 he got his workpermit again..and it is valid for 2013 march. then in april we have for trv as visitor but it got rejected again...Now we came to know that...there is open workpermit option for wife if your husband on workpermit... My husband work comes under O,A,B. i mean i am applicable to apply for spousal workpermit

    Please any one let me know what is the processing time for open workpermit ...pls help me
  8. Hi All,

    There will be no delay when you apply open work permit. I would suggest to go with open work permit instead of TRV.

    By the way, it took 20 days to get work permit [including open work permit to my spouse] and the consulate office is New Delhi.

  9. @ priyum521
    My husband is in Canada as a skilled worker. I am in the Philippines w/my 2 sons and we would like to go to Canada, he is soon due to renew his work permit my question is:

    1. I would like to apply for a spousal open work permit - I fill out the application to work in Canada correct? IMM 1295

    2. My 2 sons both fill out "application for a temporary resident visa to visit canada?

    3. Do we need to wait until my husband gets his new work permit? I always read that our application can be submitted the same time as my husbands but this means that we would have to send our application to him to send altogether even though we are in the Philippines and he is Canada?
    4. I am also confused about the fees? Which fee do I pay TRV (single/multiple) PLUS work permit? and my sons fees are the TRV fee?

    Thank you so much, if someone can clarify this for me I would really appreciate this.
  10. 1. Yes
    2. How old are your sons? If they are school age they apply for study permits.
    3. Yes, wait until your husband gets his new work permit. You submit in the Philippines as he will be submitting in Vegreville because he's in Canada.
    4. If you want the OWP, you pay $150 and that covers the cost of the TRV as well. For your sons, if they are applying for study permits, that fee will also cover the TRV.
  11. Hi Priyum521, my sons are 20 and 17 years old, they need a student visa or a visitor visa?
  12. Hi priyum

    My husband is in Canada on workpermit status and i am in india, hyderabad doing job in some private company. we have applied TRV for two times but it got rejected for two times as i said earlier.. after that we found some information through websites that we can apply for open workpermit if husband has valid workpermit.

    i am in india.. and my husband recently got new workpermit which is valid upto 2013 march, can i apply for open work permit

    If so, from where should i apply.. (Canada/or in India)

    but when my husband met an attorney in canada..he is saying that,the candidate should be in canada to apply for open work permit. Is it so....pls reply me its very urgent....
  13. Hi There,

    Since you are in India and TRV got rejected twice, I would suggest you to apply for Open Work Permit from India.

  14. Not likely to be approved if two TRV refusals already.
  15. Not likely to be approved of what .. is it TRV or open workpermit

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