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Spouse Open Work permit

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by ashub, May 2, 2012.

  1. Yea.. but i guess its good to wait.
    Date of application is 26th jun and bio 28th.... and processing time is 5 weeks.
  2. I applied on 18 April 2019 and yesterday my passport dispatched from delhi without medical. I did not get any mail regarding decision.
  3. My wife study permit is valid till march 30 so is it possible that i can get 6 months visa or may be rejection?
  4. if you got medical call, almost there are 100% chances your husband gonna get the medical call as well. SOWP takes more time then SP application good luck !
  5. Hi, I applied for my wife on June 12, Biometrics done on 18th June. Since then no updates.
    Please let me know if your status change.
  6. Hi Guys ,
    Last thrusday , my work permit application was approved and the agent told me it was sent out the same day. I received the approval email next day. Since its been a week and I still hadn't received it , I made a call to the IRCC asking the status and to my suprise they told me the application is still in process and it hasnt been sent out yet but I received the approval email already . Any idea what may be going on here ?
    I sincerely hope it's a system error and that the application doesn't get refused / delayed further.
    I already have sent the approval document to my employer and advised them that I will receive my document in the coming weeks.
    Please let me know if any of you have had the same experience before.!
  7. what happen to ur case bro
  8. Are you getting the emails from your consultant or directly from IRCC. U fortunately there are some consultants that send fake documents to their clients. How did you get this job?
  9. Hey,
    Emails directly from IRCC. I'm residing in canada and I went to an in person interview so yes, the job is legit. I'm supposed to join in a few weeks and I need to submit my work permit and since I got thr approval email - I sent it to the company.
    I got the approval email directly from IRCC last thrusday.
    I believe it must be an error from the call centre agent side?
  10. i am not satisfied that you will leave canada at the end of your stay, as stipulated in subsection 200(1) of the irpr based on the purpose of your visit please explain this rejection mean
  12. Did you got any update on open work permit?
  13. Hello everybody. I applied for a PGWP on June 7 and still waiting for my result. I am looking for a job will apply to extend my spouse's OWP after I got my 3 payslips. I was wondering if there are any rules about the payslips. My husband's work permit will expire at the end of the Agust and I was wondering if they accept weekly payslips or they have to be biweekly? I have 2 job interviews this week and I will discuss the payment options with the employer according to that. Thank you and good luck to you all
  14. Employers usually have fixed pay schedules that they won’t alter for you. You can expect biweekly is pretty standard across Canada especially in skilled work.

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