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Spouse Open Work permit

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by ashub, May 2, 2012.

  1. Congratulations
  2. Did you get the status in your CIc account?
  3. My application is paper based. I wasn't able to link my account hence I called the IRCC today to know the status. They said I will receive an email shortly about the decision being made and that the work permit should follow in the next couple of days.
  4. Alright. Enjoy
  5. Congratulations...!!
    The passport must be out within couple of days.
  6. Please provide your valuable inputs on till what date the work permit applications have been processed who have applied from within Canada and whether it’s paper based or online
  7. Mine was an inland application. I think the next step will be receiving the document and passport request. Will update.
  8. Hi,
    I applied (paper based appln) on April 5, 2019. My application was approved today - July 4 ,2019 - Processing time took about 91 days.
  9. LAWYER IS IN CANADA and i am in India.
    Online application
  10. When you got medical request???
  11. Is there any way to check my application status by UCI or Application Number.? Without signing in details of CIC account.
  12. The Applications goes to agencies as per resident address. Canada Government can not move your data outside "any" country as per privacy in security regulations. Mainly because of GDPR. Even if the regulation is only for European Citizens, IRCC would treat everyone the same way. Does not matter from "where"(Which place you logged in or IRCC website, and applied) it will go to applicant's resident's country.

    If the applicant's address is in India, the application would go to India.


    You can call IRCC and get status update via Application Number. However, it has to be applicant him/herself or the representative, if a representative is calling their name must be added on the application at the time of submission.
    Also, Lawyers can fill up the Web-Form with your consent and create a new representative. Though not fully aware about this process, but the lawyer must know.
  13. Somewhere april 2nd week. Precisely April 13th ,2019.
  14. Call
    I called them.
    They said. They cnt do tht
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    When my wife called Delhi IRCC number they said "it is processed by IRCC, we do not have any update on this."

    So looks like every number/contact details(for India) on IRCC website is of some 3rd party. There is no direct contact for IRCC. You can fill up the Web-Form though. You do not need to sign in to web site to fill this up. But you must have application number.

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