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Spousal sponsorship

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Leon, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, random queston.
    I got my PR through spousal common law sponsorship, but we are not together anymore and we have been filing taxes as single for the past few years. If I apply for a citiezenship now, will there be any questions/problems from Immigration because of this?
  2. No.
  3. Dear all,
    I am a Canadian citizen. I live in Ghana with my wife. We have been married for more than 2 years.
    Our Rep. sent the sponsorship application to IRCC on November 2018, on March 2019 we received a letter stating that i am eligible to sponsor my wife and that my file sent to the VO.
    We sent our “Undertaking” to MIDI on May 13th. On June 2nd, 2019, we got a letter from MIDI that they received our application and will reply in 25 working days.
    On June 14th we received 2 emails from IRCC requesting my wife to do the Med test, and giving her only 2 weeks to submit her passport. We did what they requested and she deposited her passport on June 25, 2019. On July 2nd the VO called me asking for CSQ? And that she cannot give the PR visa if we don’t provide the CSQ.

    Although it has been more than 30 working days, when I called MIDI they told me the application still under process and they told me to ask the VO to be patient.
    Is it normal to get the PR approved before getting the CSQ? (Even our Rep. she is surprised) And how long it usually takes to get the CSQ?
  4. Hi,
    My spouse-to-be is a Canadian PR holder since last year. I have an active EE profile but my CRS score is 435 as compared to the high cutoff going on right now.
    Hence, when I marry her, how can she sponsor me for my PR?
    How many points will be gained in my overall score if she is able to sponsor me successfully?
    Can she sponsor me as soon as we get married?
    What is the average time taken for PR through spousal sponsorship?
  5. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/application-forms-guides/guide-5289-sponsor-your-spouse-common-law-partner-conjugal-partner-dependent-child-complete-guide.html

    Zero points.

    As soon as you have the marriage certificate.

    Posted processing time is one year.
  6. what if the person still continues to meets is PR obligations (recently got PR renewed) and decides to travel for a few months?
  7. Thanks.

    As my profile is active, if I do not get my profile in the draw/ITA after marriage, does this affect sponsorship in any way? In other words, is it required for me to get an ITA for my wife to sponsor me?
  8. Again, PRs are required to live in Canada for the entire process. If IRCC found out that you were out of Canada for a few months, the app would likely be refused.
  9. Your EE profile has nothing to do with a spousal sponsorship app.
  10. Hello i have dispatch the documents to cic.gc.ca for sponsorship my family so what to knw when can we get there 1st response of the time period..
  11. Hi there hoping someone can provide me with some insight . I initially sent the spousal sponsorship PR package to the CIC Mississauga office around May 28th . After sending it i realized 2 weeks later that i had not included the OWP fees with the application so I contacted the CIC customer service where there advised me that I should send a new OWP form with he fees to the processing center in Edmonton. I have not received any AOR or received the PR application back because of the missing fees.(i saw other ppl saying they send it back to you are missing any fees.) My visitors visa has ended as of today, should I be applying for restoration of status, or does the new OWP I sent to Edmonton give me implied status. What about when I have to return the PR application ? Will the new OWP sent to Edmonton give me implied status? I do not want to get caught up being out of status please help
  12. Hello All,
    I would like to know how successful the spousal sponsorship is and its timeframe.
    I have a CRS of 453 but due to the high cutoff want to remove my family and apply alone for express entry,, this will give me a CRS of 455, and ITA should be gotten in about a month's time...
    However, I want to be sure of the timeframe/success rate of the sponsorship path. Also, can my family visit Canada during the application period as the have valid tourist VISA
  13. Can someone gives me an advice why my biometrics letter instructions still didn’t receive its been more than two months that i paid
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  14. I paid in February and still did not receive. Did u pay on request or upfront when submitting your papers?
  15. i paid kn requst and submitted the recipe but still didnt get the BIL

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