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Spousal Sponsorship in-land Applications 2017 timeline and updates

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by mcrystald, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Hello forum friends!!!! Just wondering if everyone who is on the spreadsheet could update their information. AOR’s, OWP, Medicals, and all that stuff.

    Thank you all so incredibly much
    If it weren’t for this thread I personally would have lost my mind.

    Our Timeline
    Recieved by CIC via Canada post October 16th
    AOR: still waiting
  2. Could you tell me how you linked it? I've tried everything but can't link it up yet... I went through the Temporary Residence category then 'Work permit and extension' and used my UCI and Family Name one time and another tried my Family Name and birth date, chose 'Applied for permanent residence as spouse in Canada' and also tried 'Temporary Resident permit holders'... nothing is working... what would be the reason for this??
  3. It says passport number is required so when I try to leave it blank it won't work :(
  4. Hello all!
    Just wanted to update that we received AOR on Tuesday (Dec. 5th).
    Our application was received October 11th, my husband (the PA) got an email with UCI and App. no. on Dec. 5th.
    We managed to link it after 3 tries, what seemed to do it was putting 2 instead of 1 in the number of people in application (including PA).
    Question - we submitted an OWP application as well - do we need to link that separately? I assume its a different application no.?

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  5. It usually takes a bit longer with OWP. Maybe wait a couple more days...and then keep trying.
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  7. Good Morning,
    I did all the same steps you described. I used the UCI and family name option and I left the city I was born in blank. I’ve noticed it would only let me leave that blank on my laptop. I tried from my iPad and it wouldn’t let me leave that field blank. For me, they received my OWP application on Oct 17, 2017 and I just linked it Dec 4 lol and I tried linking it everyday. I’m thinking yours will be able to be linked next week ;)
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  8. Oh great, thanks so much!! I will keep trying :)
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  9. Hi Everyone))) Somebodies got Final decision at this year? Or not? Inland case.
  10. Call the hotline and ask them the exact details on their system. In my case the passport number on their system was the old and expired one. Also the spelling of my place of birth is different from their system.
  11. Its been 105 days since our application... no OWP in sight yet....

    Anyone submitted app in end of august and still no OWP?
  12. It has also been 106 days and still no OWP for me. I am Aug 24. Anybody within this period who has his/her OWP already?

  13. Hello!
    We applied on Oct 11, CIC received on Oct 12th.
    AOR - received today

    So yours should be coming shortly =)
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  14. Am June applicant I haven't received my OPW today I spoke with an agent today she said that apparently I have to wait AIP that's when I will get my OPW.is there anybody who is like me.am worried but she said my application using process.
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  15. I'm Aug 17th applicant and I got mine:
    Got confirmation on OWP ......................................... November 25th 2017
    Got OWP by mail......................................................... December 1st 2017

    I know at least 3 other Aug applicants here have OWP as well (Nov 24th).

    Where is the province do you apply for?

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