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Sponsoring husband from Morocco

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Penny, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. My daughter just married a resident of Morocco. We love him! My husband and I both attended the wedding, and met his wonderful family. We returned to Canada and our daughter sent in all their papers (both hers and his), plus all the necessary documents and photos to Immigration at the end of February/07. How long do you think it will take for him to get permission to come here. They are miserable living separately and we are waiting patiently for permission for him to come to Canada. We understand that Immigration here, has to send the papers to Rabat in Morocco after they are finished with them in Canada (Ontario). Would you give us an idea how long it will take for everything to go through? Thanks for you time.
  2. Hi

    1. Sponsorship processing 32 days in Missisauga http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/department/times/process%2Din.html#sponsorship
    2. If the sponsorship is approved 4-7+ months in Rabat http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/department/times-int/05-fc-spouses.html#africa

  3. Thanks for your prompt reply. It was late February that she sent in the papers. Do you think he might be here for July/August? We have a couple of family weddings for him to attend? Can you give me an approximate guess? lol
  4. Well, here are the actual timelines at Rabat:

    Once the file is received at Rabat, your son-in-law has a 30% chance that his PR is approved within 4 months or 50% in 5 mths or 70% in 6 months or 80% in 7 months.

    Here's a calculated guess: Since their application for sponsorship and permanent residence were only sent to CIC-M late March, your daughter should be receiving a letter from CIC-M confirming whether she qualified or not to sponsor him around the first week of May. It usually takes approximately 32 days from the time someone sends their file to CIC-M before the sponsor receives such letter.

    Once your daughter receives this approval letter, CIC-M will usually forward the whole application package to CHC-Rabat within a couple of days after; this means that you are already looking at mid or late May 2007 that their file is received other there. The clock starts ticking from then. So, give or take a week or so ,if your waiting period starts as of June 2007 and if you add the maximum waiting period of 7 months (provided everything is in order), you are looking at least at January or February 2008 latest before he receives his PR.

    This is provided that all pertinent info were given ahead of time; medicals, police certificate, etc..etc

    Hope that helps

  5. Thanks so much for all your help so far. My daughter sent in the papers at the end of February. They were received in Mississauga on the 2nd of March, and she just found out that the sponsorship was approved March 23rd. I think that was very fast. The papers are in Rabat I guess now. We're hoping that everything goes smoothly over there. Keep your fingers crossed for us please. Thanks again.
  6. Just to let you know, they started processing the papers in Rabat, April 2/07. We are counting down now! Thanks for all your help.
  7. Great! good luck..from here on, its all in their hands..hopefully, things will move fast for your new son-in-law.
    Keep us posted.

  8. hello
    I am a moroccan man married with one canadian woman from vancouver
    she sent al the documens sponsorship in february to mississauga
    and me in rabat i received one letter from the canadian embassy ( 27 march 2007)telling me that they started to work on my PR -MY RESIDENCE PERMITE-
    and now i m waiting ,my wife and me we wait ...
    plz if you have some happy news let me know
    and sorry for my english its not perfect
    have a good day
  9. Dear Essouira,
    So nice to hear from you. Don't worry about your English. It is much much better than my Arabic. lol
    You are from Essouira? We visited there last January. Lovely! You will love Vancouver, as you will have the sea near you. We lived in British Columbia near Vancouver for 5 years and loved it. Now I don't know what to tell you about our situation. My daughter met my new son-in-law on the internet. We went to Morocco in late December and stayed for close to a month there. What wonderful people we met! We were accepted into our new son's family, and AFTER A LOT OF WORK!!!!! they were married. As you read, they started the papers at the end of February. I think it is going well, although of course we would like it to go faster. The paperwork went quite quickly this side. My new son got a letter as you did, saying that they were starting the paperwork in Rabat. His were started April 2nd. If you look on the Canadian Immigration website, it tells you how long it usually takes. The shortest time is 3 months, the longest 7 months. If you have had your medical, and police check, and all papers are in order, it will help move things along faster. I read that if the husband and wife live separately, they want to try to get them together as soon as they can. I know you must be very lonely without your wife. Just take one week at a time. As I tell my son-in-law, you know you will be be together. You just have to be patient. There is nothing you can do about it, so just be thankful for email, Messenger, and telephone. It would be nice to hear how things are going for you, so if you want to email me, let me know and I will send you my email address.
  10. hello dear lady
    thank you much for your reply i am happy to read you nice message
    I am from Rabat ,but i love Essaouira its my favorite destination for holiday and now my wife also like this small quit town ,we was there from 27 march to 9 April
    you are a very intelligent woman because you understand that i can't live fare from the sea and like you said i am sure that i will like Vancouver.
    yes me too and my wife we met on internet and ,and we talk every week end on msn messenger,we call each other from time to time ,and we change e mails every day
    but its hard for us to live separately i think of here every day and it was so hard to see her come back to Canada two times ,the first time after the marriage and the last time after our holiday-honey moon in Essaouira
    I thank you so much about your nice words about Morocco and Moroccan people,my family also likes and love my wife ,because she a very lovely beautiful woman , like all Canadian people
    finally i hope that your daughter be with her husband soon and thank you for all your nice words and of course that with a pleasure to have the chance to e mail you just if you send me you e mail .
    have a good day
  11. Essaouira, I have sent you an email. Look in your Inbox on this site. (See at top of page).
    - Penny (the nice lady lol)
  12. Hi!
    I am going to Morocco in July to marry. My fiance and I also met online. We are trying to find out what the steps are and what papers I should bring with me to try and speed up the process. I was hoping you or your daughter could help us out. I have gone to the Canadian Embassies website and obtained a list of the documents I will need there, it would be nice to hear from someone who has gone through the process if you don't mind sharing your experience. :) PLEEEEASE. I wish your daughter and son-in-law a speedy processing, I know I'm dreading the long wait, I've heard so many conflicting stories, some heartening, some down right depressing.
    Thanks in advance
  13. Hi;

    I live in Victoria (not far from Vancouver - Mr. Essaouira) and am married to a Moroccan from Marrakech. We were married the beginning of January and his application is now in process in Rabat (letter sent April 16). I expect his application will be processed between mid August and mid November if there are no problems. As always I hope it's sooner than later. It's extremely difficult waiting and costly, however this is fairly standard from what I've understood. It's great to see a number of people in this forum with Moroccan spouses - it's great to touch base with other people in a similar situation.

    Essaouira - your application should take 4 - 7 months to process in Rabat.

    Cindy - I've gone through the whole process in Morocco to get married and the info on the Embassy's website is pretty accurate. The recommended timeframe to allow for marriage paperwork is 3 - 4 weeks. It took my husband and I 2 1/2 weeks, but I think we were pretty lucky. It was a huge amount of running around - and make sure you take your papers on the plane (my luggage was lost for 4 days with all my papers in it). Your fiance should talk to an adul in Morocco to find out what is needed as well. This is what they instructed him on what's needed from you:
    - valid passport
    - birth certificate
    - criminal record check (in Canada for you)
    - proof that you are a christian, muslim or jew
    - 4 recent photographs (you can get passport ones done in Morocco)
    - Capacity for Marriage (you can get this in Canada or do it in Morocco - there is someone you can go to near the Embassy in Rabat)
    - certificate of police clearance from the ministry of Justice in Rabat (proof that you have no criminal record in Morocco)

    All the best to everyone waiting for their loved ones.

  14. hello dear lady penny and tracy
    I am so happy to know about you tracy ( you have a very nice name) and your moroccan husband ,and that you close to my wife city ,i think that victoria is the capital of bc
    marrakech and the people of marrakech they are a very good and sympatic ,and also the city its a very beautiful city ,and i think that you will like to have some hilday from time to time in marrakech with ur husband hahahahaha
    me and my wife we were married the beginning of november ,but i had to wait all the month of december to do the med exam coz of money,and after my wife send the application to missisauga at 1/february
    and one day before my wife come back to morocco at 27 march ,i received the letter from the embassy at 26 march
    we had great time me and my wife between 26 march and 12 april ,in reality it was our honey moon ,coz after our marigae at 11/11,she had to come back to canada the next day 12/11,you can imagine how it was hard for us..
    dear tarcy its very nice and great like you said that we see more mixed couple's in this forum ,specialy canadian women and men with moroccan women and men,and share ideas
    the first when i come to the forum i find only the lady penny and now im happy taht you are here dear tracy with us in the forum and also cindy ,we was two person's and now 4 that's great
    finally i thank you for this information ,and i will let you know if i have some news ,you will be the first person's ,you and lady penny
  15. hi cindy
    about the marriage process and how much will take and what you need like documents
    you will need all cindy said + some other documents

    - your 3 last cheque of paye.
    - one document from your boss ,explaining what you do as work.
    - certificate of nationality _ you ask it in the embassy when you go to ask the Capacity for Marriage in the canadian embassy in rabat.

    the marriage process need much time and work ,but if you do good planing you can ,finish all in two weeks,me and my wife we had good planing and all the process took 10 days .

    the better think if your husband not from rabat ,that you go to rabat take one hotel for 3 days ,the first think you will need do that you go early in the morning to the canadian embassy ,ask the capacity for marriage and the certificate of nationality,you will need wait 48 hours to have it
    after the embassy you need go to one translator ine the same moring to gain time ,and give him all your canadian document's ,to translate all to arabic ,and when you get your capacity for mariage and nationality certif you will need translate it also, and you tel the traslator men or women that you don't have time and ask fast work if not they will ask you to come back tomorrow in the evining
    the next stape that you go to the ministry of justice to ask the certificate of police clearance from the ministry of Justice in Rabat ,you need to bring with you your canadian criminal record check ( translated with one copy of your passport and birth certificate translated ) you will need to go early in the morning like that you will get it at 12h00
    your husband will need to stamp some documents in the moroccan ministry of foreign affairs
    after all that you will need to do 3 copy of all your document's and your husband documen's
    than you will need to contact the adul and he will show you the good way to finish all ,coz in this step all will be eazy
    the proof that you are christian muslim or jew its eazy ,your husband can write in one simple paper that you are christian or jew or muslim and you sign this paper and you go with him to one governement office ( moukataa) to notarized it( you bring with you your passport and one copy of it)
    finally i wish you good luck and i hope that i dont forget some details hahahaha

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