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SOWP, ask me anything.

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by gauravsharma11210, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Hi...any updates on your wife's application ?
  2. Did you get ppr...whats the decision...i'm in a similar situation
  3. got Passport request on august 7
  4. Nah
    Nothing yet, I don't know why they are so slow. I was told PPR generates automatically.
  5. My family's medical passed on Aug 1....no idea when will be PPR
  6. Great...hope it was followed by an approval...
  7. Just let me know if you get PPR, I will also inform you if get.
  8. ok....
  9. Hi,

    Will my sowp get rejected just because that we got married after the visa stamping of my partner.
  10. Not unless you can prove your relationship is genuine. Also, you need to provide a solid reason why you got married after the visa of your spouse.
  11. We were in love for the past 3.7 years and finally our family also agreed our relationship, but since my spouse had a elder sister we were waiting for her marriage to take place first due to our culture. So we decided to get our marriage legaly registered but without any functions or ceremony. We did it in the presence of our guardians as they are the witnes signees.
  12. Does PP submitted in chandigarh goes to Delhi for stamping or they stamp in chandigarh itself?
  13. Hi guys, so my story is
    - I've got my PGWP (3year, 2019-2022), got a nocB job and 6 recent payslips, but have not applied for visa visitor.
    - My wife's open work permit has expired on July 31st and she's already applied for Temporary Visitor record (implied status with submission confirmation).

    My question is " Can both of us go flagpole at the border to get SOWP" ?

    -Some said we had to have a valid visa to re-enter Canada otherwise we'd be in No man's land situation while get refusal paper from US but can't enter into Canada again.

    -But some others say that we only need to bring Valid passport, workpermit (of husband), and Submission confirmation (visitor record application of wife). Because "flagpole" is not entering US, just to get a refusal letter, so technically We're still in Canada's land. So we don't need to prove any paper but the WP, valid passport.

    A foreign national is exempt from the requirement to obtain a temporary resident visa if.... ( please read 190 3(f) https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/sor-2002-227/section-190.html )

    I need an advice. My wife has a job offer but doesn't have a OWP to do so. I want to make it asap, otherwise we have to wait extra 6 months. We need to work to pay a bill.

    Thank you for your time, guys.
  14. Hi gaurav I am applying SOWP.My wife is a student in canada.I am currently working in Saudi Arabia.

    1)should I apply for SOWP from Saudi Arabia or from India ?

    2)Me and my we’re together in Saudi Arabia later we decided for taking student visa for canada.As we were already living outside home country will that increase the chance for rejection?
  15. Hi, I am applying for sowp from india on 8 th July , Biometric done on 11th July , medical passed on 12 th Augest, but after that no any update. Can someone suggest me how long it will take for passport request? Thank you

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