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SOWP, ask me anything.

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by gauravsharma11210, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. When did you apply?
  2. Hi
    These are common reasons.
    Try to apply again.i would apply after 4 months once my husband gets his work permit renewed.
  3. Hi. My wife is on SOWP. i am a student and will probably get Pgwp after studies. How can i extend her work permit? Is it really necessary that i must have a better job to ectend her visa??
  4. Hey Guys .....

    Can somebody guide me how to get open work permit on the basis of spousal study permit?
    Applicant is on VISITOR visa in Canada. His wife is on study permit in CANADA...(study starting in AUG)
    Both Husband and wife are in Canada right now.

    1 can he apply from Inside Canada?Like Change of status from visitor to worker
    2 Documents he needs

    Please respond me if someone has done this thing before.
    Any help would be much appreciated
  5. He ca
    n most certainly apply from within canada. You would have to show:
    Proof of funds
    Wife’s enrolment letter
    Marriage certificate
    Wife’s study permit
    Husbands visitor visa
    You will need to fill out IMM5710 form.
  6. Yes, you would need to secure a NOC O/A/B job letter get 3 pay Stubbs in order to extend her sowp.
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  7. Thanks. If a child is born here in Canada and spouse Owp visa expire then do they extend for parent care or provide other visa like tourist or visitor visa?
  8. Hi,

    CEC Candidate - In Canada (Current job in NOC Type A)
    On PGWP expiring: June 19 2019
    Applied for PR: June 10 2019

    Wife is on a PGWP expiring in August 2019

    I'm in the process of applying for BOWP and SOWP for my wife (she can't apply for BOWP as she is my dependent)
    Outside of the required documents, what documents should I include in my LOE to strengthen my BOWP and my wife's SOWP application?

  9. Hello,

    My spouse got study visa and she will travel to Canada by mid of August. I would like to accompany her. But I am in confusion whether to apply for a visit visa and then inland SOWP or should I apply for SOWP. My main concern is I have to sit at home doing nothing in Canada until I get my SOWP and start working. Can experts advise me here?
  10. Hello, can someone tell me about the current timeline of SOWP india. I applied for my wife, she is in India.


    Also is there any way I can check the status of application from my end as I applied with the agent and he said not to link the application with gckey. He already linked it, is there any way I can see the updates.

    My wife had given upfront medical and its been passed. Also she got biometrics request next day she applied and that is also passed. Is it a POSITIVE SIGN for her application.

    Thank you
  11. Hello, I applied for open work permit along with my 4.5 years old daughter, after 101 days I finally got medical request and done our medical on 24 July and my daughter passed her medical on 26th I passed mine on 29th but I still didn't get the passport request. How long will it take?
  12. Hello, I applied for open work permit along with my 4.5 years old daughter, after 101 days I finally got medical request and done our medical on 24 July and my daughter passed her medical on 26th July I cleared mine on 29 th 2019, but we didn't get the passport submission request yet, how long we need to wait?
  13. it normally takes 2-3 weeks
  14. Hi guys.

    Really in need of help here. I am currently working in Canada under PGWP and want to apply for SOWP this November (coz getting married in November). I went through all the forums and websites to get a checklist of documents. I have some doubts/questions in some of the particular documents that we need to submit.

    My document (sponsor) :
    1) Job reference letter - So I am a Software developer, working for the Government of Canada and it's a bit tough to get any written employment reference letter from them. And since I am not a permanent employee yet, all my records are term based. Like my current term ends on April 2020 and it will be renewed again after that. So the problem is, there is no document or whatsoever that mentions that my term will get extended after April 2020 and I cannot make my employer give that in written right now. So in this case, what kind of letter should I submit, which will prove my NOC as well not lead to any rejection coz of this term thing?

    2) Proof of funds - I see different numbers in different forums and website. What is an ideal amount? Like 5-6k CAD in my account and 10-12k CAD in my spouse's account back in India, is it fine enough?

    Thanks in advance. Stuck in a very odd situation here..
  15. Yes it is positive

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