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SOWP, ask me anything.

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by gauravsharma11210, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Here is my situation, I am currently working in NOC B Category, Sales supervisor. Earlier, i thought of calling my spouse and son on visitor visa but now I consulted a lawyer, he said that they are eligible for SOWP more and that would be legit.
    Its already been more than two months of working.
    My spouse is working in a good company with full-time working rights from last one year,salary is credited every month in her account.
    According to you, should i apply for SOWP?
    or should i call them on visitor visa as they are eligible for both?
    Please guide me.
  2. Open work permit is the best option
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  3. Hi All,

    I currently hold a TRV and my husband holds a WP. We are currently in our home currently and plan to move to Canada in another 2-3 months. I want to apply for an Open Work Permit from my home country. I'm a little confused in the online procedure. Can you give me a gist of it?
  4. Thanks for your reply. You have sorted me.Further, please guide me what docs should i attach to make my file strong coz i need to see my spouse n son as earliest.What is the current timeline? Sowp has to be applied from India.
  5. Processing time is around 6 weeks.
    The list of documents is mentioned in the link. Just make sure you show your ties in Canada and documents of your spouse stating his temporary visa.
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  6. Hlo i have a query.
    My wife is a student in canada cnd i am in a India
    I submitted my application on 8th April
    My review started on 25. After that there is no update.
    I have a single problem with in that
    My wife write my job designation as store manager by mistake on the place of sale supervisor. My question is
    1. Is it effects my application
    2. When should i expe
  7. Knowledge needed... I am employer in Canada and I've hired somebody to be my caregiver... Her work permit has been approved and the only thing left is overseas employment certificate... I have hired an agent in the Philippines to do the oec as it is required but not an agent in Canada as it is not required... my question is.... Is it going to be a problem for me if I have a criminal record non violent offense 10 years ago when i send all my documents to poloThank you
  8. hello,
    i am a bit worried, we applid for my sowp apr.27, & also finished my biometrics on 29th thru vfs. now whenever i try to check my account on cic it doesn't show that they have received my biometrics even though the vfs said they already forwarded it to the embassy of canada here in abu dhabi, from where i am applying now. does the cic possibly not received my biometrics?
  9. U need full time job
  10. I applied for a spousal work permit on 9th May with an upfront medical. does anybody know how much time does it take if we already submitted with medical?
  11. Hello All,

    I am an international student in Canada with a valid study permit till July 2020.
    I have applied to SOWP through offline for the first time from INDIA on Jan 17th 2019.And i got the reply on FEB 6th that it was rejected.Reasons behind it was insufficient funds and not proper documentation.

    So now with the help of a lawyer from Canada I have applied for SOWP through Online on 31st March 2019 and I got the update on 11th April that my spouse Bio-metrics and Medical has been approved.
    In CIC, the expected time is 6 weeks but still i didn't get any update..??it is already the 6th week
    Can anyone tell me what is the chance of approval?

    Waiting for reply...........

    Manasa Challa
  12. HI

    I am on PGWP ( Open work permit) and my wife is on visitor visa in canada and applied for Spousal open work permit on May3 online.

    Online it is showing Work permit time is 6 weeks and its already 6 weeks now and still its in review and no biometric or anything asked so far from them.

    Can you let me know how to follow up on same or i am missing something ?

  13. Hi All,

    I'm in a fix and need some advice from experienced people

    I'm a PGWP holder working in noc B financial sales representative and applying for SOWP for my wife, as I recently got married.

    I just applied for a visitor visa for her and it was denied based on the officer not being convinced she will leave after her stay is completed based on family ties in Canada and place of residence, the purpose of visit, and personal assets/ financial status.

    She has just graduated from an MBA program from India and has not started working yet.

    My question is will the same reasons for rejections apply for SOWP as well??
  14. I am processing my spouse OWP file online myself, everything is done. But I'm in little confusion, some consultants said that i also need to attach marriage, together pictures and communication history with it, but i can't find where i can upload them.
  15. Hi GauravSharma,

    I have some questions regarding SOWP.

    I came to Canada in a closed work permit(Intra company transfer) till 2020. My husband's dependent visa got approved and he is travelling to Canada in some days.

    1. Is this possible to get OWP at airport itself. Some people are saying that they will give OWP in airport itself after arrival.
    2.Also , Can u please give me some information about Flag pole to get a OWP ?
    3. What are all the documents need to submit while Flag pole?
    4. Do we need to submit proof of funds ? if so , My proof of fund or my husband's one ? till how much we need to show.
    5. What could be the chances of getting OWP in Flag pole.

    Kindly help me on SOWP queries. We don't want to wait 3,4 months to get a OWP .

    THanks ,

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