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SOWP, ask me anything.

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by gauravsharma11210, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Hi,

    So my question is I am working part-time under NOC B so am I eligible to apply for my spouse open work permit or do I need full time NOC category job

    Hoping to hear soon!

    Thank you.
  2. Is there any possibility that an application may get on hold or delayed after filing for CAIPS? Please suggest. Answer please.
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    Hi! I recently applied for a spouse dependent open work permit. Today I received an email asking for an interview with the Canadian High Commission. I want to know if this is part of the normal process. As far as I know, there is no interview for spouse dependent OWP. Also if anyone can tell me what sort of questions will they ask.

    Also where and how do I confirm my attendance in the interview?
  4. Yes, they will ask for an interview if they have any doubt/want to confirm something with you. Just bring in the documents they requested when you go to attend it. Also check if the interview email you received is from a monitored mail box. If so, you can mail them back and confirm it. Or else, call the cic number.
  5. Hey guys... I am an Indian and my wife is south African we are married in India.. my query is that now we will be applying her sowp.. so do we have to get our marriage certificate appostile/ attested from somewhere or English marriage certificate is enough? And its compulsory to have joint account as my wife is foreigner so we cant have joint account.. thank you
  6. Thanks. Will do that
  7. The wife is on Student visa, married in Dec 2018 and applied for SOWP in March 2019.
    Applied with the following documents:
    1. enrollment letter from Univ of Windsor
    2. all passport copies
    3. Notarized Invitation letter
    4. copy of study permit.
    Documents submitted for husband:
    1. Six months bank statements
    2. pay stubs, appointment letter,
    3. SIP/PF/Bank balance statement
    4. SIP in joint name of couple,
    5. wedding pictures,
    6. relationship pictures spanning over a decade.
    Even then Visa was rejected with reason "you have not provided sufficient information about the inviter" can anyone shed light on what all can be submitted again to not face a rejection.
    Married in Dec. Applied for SOWP in March. Will appreciate any help. Thank you
  8. I applied for SOWP on Feb 1- Online application.

    Got an email from CIC for the interview. Interview letter states that:

    "Bring all required documentation with you to your interview including marriage photos depicting all ceremonies, post marriage photographs, proof of ongoing communication, status of inviter in Canada, proof of ongoing education of inviter in Canada"

    I don't understand why these documents are again asked for, as I have already submitted the above documents.
    Request the expert suggestion on the below :
    1. What questions can I expect from the visa officer?
    2. What do they mean by Bring all required documentation?- Do i need to carry every documents which was submitted for the application?
    3. Can I take the documents via mobile or pendrive for the interview or do i have carry the printed documents.

    Any advise on the above will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
  9. Are you done with the interview ? Please share your experience..
  10. Hello
    Is there anyone who can guide me for SOWP?
    I have few queries.
  11. Hello! I and my husband have recently married in Canada. I applied for a visitor visa extension 30 days before my current visitor status expires explaining my intent to apply for SOWP and a necessity to wait for a marriage certificate for 6-8 weeks. One month has already passed, but I still didn't get any response. My allowed 6-months visitor period will expire in one week, but I will stay in Canada under implied status. However, we managed to obtain a marriage certificate earlier. So here is my question:

    1) Can I apply for an open work permit for spouse of skilled worker while waiting for a response for my visitor visa extension? Could it create any confusion for CIC?

    2) Can I make this application while staying in Canada under implied status and not 30 days before my current visitor status expires as required by CIC?
    (my 6-months visitor period will expire in one week)

    3) Will employment letter with job title be sufficient to prove that my husband holds NOC A, B or 0 job?
  12. Hi,
    Am an international student and I applied for SOWP and refused twice , saying 205(c)(ii) not met. We both are too depressed because of this. Please advise me, what's the possible solution for it.
  13. Hey, how long did it take for your marriage certificate to arrive? In similar situation and waiting for the marriage certificate and extension approval.
  14. I have got NOc B Job supervisor, i want to call my spouse on a visitor first,i have already started a job ,its more than 3 paystubs.
  15. you can simply apply again with one letter of explanation of your current situation most updated documents.
    From which country are you applied? and when you applied and when you got refusal?

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