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September 2018 AOR - join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by andy108, Sep 2, 2018.

  1. Here it is...
    Greetings of the day!!

    I would like to ask about the status of my express entry application. I would like to know weather the eligibility, criminality and security process has been completed as my background check is under process since November 2018.


    Hope it will work for everyone..!!
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  2. For email we have to use registered email with CIC? The email registered there is my consultant’s. Can i email them by my own email?
  3. Thank you for this kind gesture :)
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  4. Last year when i applied through consultant i also tried getting some information by mailing them from my address but they refused to send any information and it was clearly mentioned in the mail that they are authorised to send information only to that mail address which has been registered with them
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  5. Well.!! I don’t have any knowledge about this.. may be someone else could assist..

  6. I called the cic again.
    The agent said that there is 2 notes about my elligibility : one note saying it"s recommend since 11 oct, one other note is kinda box where there is button that needs to be started or i don't know, and that there is no news abt it. It need to be started .
    Well, i didn"t understand a word of what she said . She didn't know how to explain.
    She just said that i should stop controling my file by trying to understand what it says and what it says. Just let it progress because it progress normally. But still i kept asking what it this 2nd note means ? What"s wrong with it?

    Meanwhile, criminality passed. And security not started.

    Does anyone understands what the agent wants to say?
  7. What is your AOR?
  8. That is very confusing.."She just said that i should stop controling my file by trying to understand what it says and what it says. Just let it progress because it progress normally. "
  9. Initially after the file gets processed by one guy and everything seems good it is then transferred to senior officer who again has a choice to go with the decision of the first guy or can review everything in depth. I received the same response and this is what it means.
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  10. Congrats on the progress of your application and thanks for the info. Do you mind sharing your visa office?
  11. Did you call today?
  12. My security is in progress. Has anyone ever been told their security is on going?
  13. Hi Guys,

    I called CIC 75 days ago and they told me that my eligibility is passed and back ground is passed and waiting for final decision. then I called a second time again 2 weeks ago and the officer told me congratulation your profile has been approved. but till now I didn't get the ppr email. also my profile still the same under process IP2 status. I have read a post for a guy took 2 months to get the ppr mail after the profile approval.

    Any ideas how long it takes to get the ppr email after the profile approval?


    Office: Sydney
    AOR: 13 Sep
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  14. I am in same situation September 9 AOR Sydney , approved on December 19 and still waiting. Send an email to NDVO 2-3 people same situation as us have got it.
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    Similar situation. AOR Sept 6th.

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