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September 2013 Applications

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by iam_toby, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. To whoever is interested:

    I created a small forum for us on my website > http://cectoolkit.weebly.com/
    Here's the link > http://cectoolkit.weebly.com/forum.html#/20140506/class-of-september-2013-3914207/

    Thought that this would be a nice way of staying in touch and sharing details about our lives
    after becoming PR and not having to spam in this forum, as it will not CEC Class related anymore.

    Join me if you want :) I will keep posting about milestones and what I've been up to.

    Here's the link again > http://cectoolkit.weebly.com/forum.html#/20140506/class-of-september-2013-3914207/
    Bookmark, sign up and share!

    I will also copy/paste this post every now and then, just in case some members don't check in on
    a regular basis, so everyone gets to know about the forum.

    Also join the fun @ http://cectoolkit.weebly.com/forum.html#/offtopic/
  2. Since I am not living close to the boarder, I called cic on this Monday to make an inland landing appointment. I just got the letter from cic local office says my landing time will be on May 28. It took about 2 weeks. Just want to share with you guys. :)
  3. hi
    toby ans forum members i need your immidiate answer if you r online
    i sent pass ports to ottawa using prority post from chicago,usa
    in us post office they said that other party has to sign when they receive
    you think they gonna sign and receive my packet or deny it

  4. Hi thori , any signs of passport coming back? Has yr return tracker been activated yet? Mine is still not activated.
  5. Hey Toby, Congrats on landing. I had a question for you and everyone who got an RCMP certificate.

    Mine said:

    "This certifies that a search of the national criminal records repository and fingerprint repository maintained by the RCMP concerning the applicant whose finger prints, name and DOB appear below could not be associated to any Immigration - Related file or existing criminal record which may be disclosed in accordance with the federal laws."

    The statement above is normal right. What concerned me is " Immigration related file"....

    Please advise


    Also Medicals scheduled for 23rd of may.
  6. That's awesome, glad you don't have to wait a lifetime to complete the process! :) Congrats!
  7. Yes, you will get a signature if you have chosen that option.
  8. So, what do you want to know? You received the RCMP fingerprint check, it's negative - no traces.
    What's your question? Immigration related could be, that you were deported in the past, immigration fraud, etc.
    Don't worry about all that, your PCC is negative so you're all good.
  9. Why my last entry blank? And only the date issue May 8? It should be fine isn't. I will confirm and asked VO in boarder.

    Thank you.

  10. Hi! Awesome news..Received passport request this morning!!! ;) ;) Passports will be sent out tonight. Ecas has also changed to medical received.
  11. Complete the landing and then follow my instructions. You'll be fine.
  12. Hey, that's great news! Congrats!
  13. E-cas staus changed to decision made :)

    Passport received by Ottawa today!
  14. congrats Aura!
  15. Thank you Toby, that's all I wanted to know. My question was, what does Immigration related mean in this and you have answered it.


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