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SEP 2019 TRV from India time line

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ssenjaliya, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. Okay yes got last time.. Thanks for information
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  2. How much time did it take for the Decision after the correspondence? (Last time)
    Can you please tell me the dates?
  3. Applied from ahmd offline :4sep
    Biometrics given at vfs: 4sep
    Correspondence mail: 9sep
    Refusal mail:11sep
    Pp recd :12sep
  4. Oh ok thanks and please keep updating!
  5. I didnt provide the return tickets last time.. Provided this time so lets see..
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  6. I applied on 18th September 2019. And got decision on 25th September 2019 for passport submission and I submit my passport to VFS. but on 26th September i got message in GC KEY account saying that your visa is refused.

    So what it mean the visa is approved or its refused
  7. So I’ve got a refusal on the basis of travel history, family ties and personal assets, financial status! Same old common reasons.
  8. Hi,
    I've applied for a TRV for my parents. Showed all my finances since I'll be sponsoring them for the trip.
    However, I got refusal, with the below reasons.
    1. Purpose of visit.
    2. Personal assets and financial status.

    I wanted my parents to visit the next summer. Added a rough sketch of travel itinerary along with my application. The purpose of visit is literally tourism. Don't know what else to show.
    What is it that I need to do, to not get a refusal? Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. These are fixed reasons as saved templates..apply for gcms notes for details
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  10. Thank you for suggesting
    Can you please forward me a link?
  11. Ohh.. Did u got update today??
  12. Anyone...any suggestions please?
  13. All with your finances make sure you show the family assets, bank statements, business if any.

    They would like to see your parents will go back to India after their stay. So, it’s important to show all their ties in India.
  14. And also make sure to have a proper detailed letter.
  15. Thank you @dkumar1988.
    I've indeed attached everything with my application.

    Unfortunately, we don't have any assets or business as such. And my father is a retired banker.

    I've already written a letter stating that my parents live with my brother's family here and all my relatives are here in India. What else can I do to address those concerns and say that this is indeed just a trip for them :) ?
    I was planning this for my mom's birthday. I mentioned that tentative dates as well.

    Thanks again for taking your time.

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