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SEP 2019 TRV from India time line

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ssenjaliya, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. Application Submission Date: Sept 16th
    Biometric Completion: Sept 18th
    Correspondence Letter and Passport Request: 10:37 PM IST, Sept 27th
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  2. Congratulations @dkumar1988
    So you got both at the same time?
    Also where was your application processed exactly? Like was it New Delhi?
  3. Also is the status updated on GC Key as approved?
  4. Thank you. I think it was processed in Bangalore. Yeah, in less than 5 mins we got a passport request after the correspondence letter.
    Final Decision says: It’s approved
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  5. Actually I’ve applied on paper so Won’t be getting PPR, but I think I should expect GC Key to change status right?

    Also you can confirm the office by checking the correspondence and PPR, I’m sure they must have mentioned the visa office
    Mine is New Delhi
  6. Mine was processed in Ottawa, ON
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  7. Okay Congo once again!
  8. Thank you you should have a response by early Monday. Good Luck.

    Thanks all. And Good Luck for those who are still waiting.
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  9. hi Guys,
    my sisters visitor visa was rejected mentioning financial status and purpose of travel reasons. in this application i had asked for a 2 week visa for my sister / niece
    one of the mistakes made was not submitting everything as per new delhi visa specifications, since this checklist was not appearing in online application i completely missed this by mistake so inviters financial documents, consent letter from her husband for the kid to travel with her , marrige certificate, previous travel history (she has travelled to europe) were not provided.
    my sister works in india and is also parallely pursuing her PGP through great lakes. her financial savings are on the lower side though about 2.5K, not sure if we should provide a support letter from husband or ask husband to transfer funds to her accocunt to strengthen savings.

    i am now reapplying with all of the above missing documents from the first application and making the family visit reasons more specific, i am highlighting that mom will be undergoing cataract surgery in January 2020 and we need 3 week support for the post op care, we were originally supposed to have this surgery in november but had to postpone as sister did not get the visa. Doctors letter is also being attached.
    we are also mentioning that i am working full time, my wife is part time and studying plus we have a small kid so it will be difficult for her to manage the post op care for the first 3 weeks which is more intensive.

    what do you guys think about this, will this reasoning make sense, should i include anything else to explain further or include any other details.
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  10. Mine is at consulate general bengaluru..so now directly on monday?.. Or shall i expect any update today.. I mean do they respond on Saturdays?
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  11. Hey! @reachmenow i think you should check the official website for the document checklist for India...I think that would assist you better than any of us. I’ll share the link with you

    Also can you please share your sister’s timeline? As this will give us an idea of the processing times
  12. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/application-forms-guides/guide-5256-applying-visitor-visa-temporary-resident-visa.html#5256E3
  13. I don’t think it’s a working day for them on Sat-Sun. Did you get a correspondence or any other update?
    Also what does the eligibility show?
  14. Application submission :16th
    Paper application
    Linked to gckey :
    No pls can u tell me what is this correspondence letter.. Yeah i think so as processing time was 12 calendar days and i submitted all 3 applications on 16th

    Status :
    We are reviewing ur eligibility
    We are processing ur background check
    Ur application is in progress we will inform you once final decision is made
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  15. Correspondence is a letter to acknowledge the submission of your biometrics for the TRV application.

    But in your case, I don’t think you’ll get it this time because you must have got it in the last attempt.

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