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Self-Employed Application 2018

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by leavingonajetplane2016, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Are ECA required for education degrees? I don't think it was mentioned anywhere in the application guide. Has everyone here sent ECA for their education? Or just copies of certificates and transcripts?
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    I sent ECA ... with application. I had it ready so i included it. You might just send degree but I thought ill include it as i had it ready
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  3. No, it's not required for self-employed application. I didn't include it in mine. Neither did any of the people I discussed with prior to sending in my application. I just sent copies of my degrees, diplomas and professional development courses.
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  4. I didn’t send a ECA though, just sent my degrees over.
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  5. What happens when your medicals are done? As in, what happens next? And what kind of time does it take from the date your medicals are done to actually receive your PR?
  6. What are your qualifications? And how old is your company?
  7. Lets also remember that speed depends on factors like traffic at a particular visa office and of course how straight forward one’s application is. For those yet to send in their applocation, please do well to organize your documents neatly and include as much supporting evidence as you can upfront. All the best to everyone!
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  8. Well done!!!
  9. I sent ECA but that’s because I already had it
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  10. The time it takes from medical passed depends on your VO. No two cases are exactly alike especially with this stream
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  11. I doubt they process families quicker. If a family has an extensive travel history especially to countries of interest they wont process them faster than a single applicant with fewer history to verify. It really just boils down to the VO and the different elements of a particular case file.
    I do think that the Visa Office handling UAE applications is quite fast though!
  12. Has anyone received the progress bar update in their email? The bars will reflect in our accounts from April 17. Feels good to get an email from CIC My friend called it pre-ppr (joke)... but I believe it!
  13. This depends completely on your VO as Nornor said. There's also a background check in there somewhere that could delay things a bit depending on how fast that happens. Submit all that you can and promptly forget about the application until you hear from them again is best.
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  14. Absolutely pre-ppr
  15. did you send a proof of funds i mean did they ask for it or not?

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