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Self-Employed Application 2018

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by leavingonajetplane2016, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. For immigration purpose, you should pass ielts general, not academic one.
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  2. I just received an update!

    31 Oct 2018 - application sent
    5 Nov 2018 - application received
    1 Feb 2019 - AOR
    18 Feb 2019 - AOR LVO Singapore office
    14 March 2019 - request for medicals, police checks, rprf

    I’m so excited!!! We hope for a new future with Canada...
  3. Yeah Consultants will push for EE.
    In my very limited experience of applying both Express Entry and Self Employed application, save money and do the application yourself. Unless you have a legal issue, then get a "lawyer" - other than that, a lot of information is available online...the application is lengthy but straightforward and simple.
  4. Congratulations!!!!! Thank God for such speed. What is your occupation and what documents did you submit? This can be useful to others in your field considering this stream
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  5. 5133 musicians and singers
    I teach music privately in Singapore.

    I submitted whatever that was being asked for(important documents, business plan) and didn’t submit whatever that wasn’t asked for (proofs of funds, assets).

    My take(guess) on this stream is, as we are all self employed, paying your taxes all this time makes it credible in your application. And also, how good your business plan is, will strongly determine the success of your application.
    Of course there could be external factors such as annual quotas, nationality quotas that we may not know of.
  6. Oh, I have already booked and paid for this... my understanding is the academic is harder anyway, so scores should be fine. I already scored 8.5 & 9s last time I did this test 2 years ago, it's just that it will expire on the 18th, so I need to renew it.

    As a side note - my forms say to mail the application to Nova Scotia, but I see people here commenting (like above) about it going to more local offices? Does it get sent from Nova Scotia to a local office they deem more reasonable to my locale?
  7. Not too sure if they will award you any marks under the academic stream because it’s stated very clearly it’s the general test that they will award marks for. Legally they can’t, if I’m not wrong.

    You have to send your application to Nova Scotia, before it gets transferred to your local visa office. If you sent your applications anywhere else I think it’ll most likely be returned.

    All the best man
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  8. Thank you! I guess I'll find out... I find it hard to believe an officer would view an academic test result with less credibility than a general, lets hope they don't get technical! According to the website, academic is harder and for higher learning than the general.

    Just read that they send it from Nova Scotia to the local office... which I assume would probably be Australia for me, or here in New Zealand.

    I'm also doing our family's medical exams over the next week or so, and have requested the police checks too, so should be good to go in the next fortnight I hope!
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  9. They only accept General IELTS for Express Entry.

    AND General also for self employed application:
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  10. I got mail that your file is in que now what thats mean
    I apply in self employment
  11. Hi, its not about whether or not you find it hard to believe but truth is your application will most likely be returned as incomplete without the specified ielts type - General. That the academic test is tougher than general is really not relevant to the immigration process. The requirements clearly say GENERAL. Best wishes
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  12. Was the mail sent randomly or it was a response to a mail you sent? Being in queue means its in queue for processing i.e in line
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  13. It was from Canada cic actually some agent submit our document.. so in response we got mail.. that your file in queue so I am asking is our file is accepted or still more step to go..
  14. Okay simply put your file has not yet been processed. It will be processed when it gets to your turn and only then will you know what the outcome is. If you submitted via paperbased the first step would be to get Acknowledgment of Receipt which confirms completeness of your documents, next will be medical request and then passport request for successful applicants. Hope this helps
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  15. Oh.. It's just starting and iam so desperate hehehe.. :)

    Thankyou for your reply
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