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Self-Employed Application 2018

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by leavingonajetplane2016, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Thanks dear friends. @leavingonajetplane2016 @romit99 and @Grey_Hatz. I have enough about 70 points without IELTS points.

    Should be the Education level related to NOC code? I have MSc in Engineering but I have 12 years of experience as Musician self employed.
    Moreover, I could not find the DOC file : guide for self employed/entrepreneurs. Could you help me how to find it?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm not 100% sure about this but my degree is completely unrelated to my work experience (10 years), which I included. However, all my self-employment experience (5 years) is directly related to my degree. I don't think it should matter much as long as you can show you've been self-employed under the NOC code you're claiming.

    The link for the guide is in one of the posts on here. Please look through the thread.
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  3. Points or no points you need language test to migrate to Canada at least to prove that
    communication will not be an issue for you. Why would you want to skip that? Take the test and include in your application package to avoid delays in processing your application... the processing time is already long, dont add to it.
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  4. Do your 5yrs of self employment fall within the 10 years work experience? Or did you quit paid job after 10 years completely to become self-employed? I ask because a friend applied as a self-employed church organist but he still has his paid employment as he obviously cant be playing Monday-Friday. Please help clarify. Have you landed and how are you finding it?

  5. I copy the previous message to download the GUIDE for SELF-EMPLOYED and ENTREPRENEURS for new friends:

    For newbies, here are the most relevant links for you to get started. If you have questions after going through all those links, then let us know. This is to keep the thread on track:
    I hope the info is composite enough to start your research on. Good luck!
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  6. The 5 years are after the 10 years. I was self-employed for 5 years before I submitted my application. But there are people who were still working traditionally and self-employed on the side when they submitted their applications. No, I haven't landed yet.
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  7. He/she doesn't necessarily have to submit test results especially if the 35 points are achieved without it. But you get extra points for it and that might be what pushes you ahead if someone is considering turning down your application. Get every point you can over 35. I was at 70 without IELTS but I still submitted them anyway. Every little bit helps.
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  8. I finally got AOR -

    31 Oct 2018 - application sent
    5 Nov 2018 - application received
    1 Feb 2019 - AOR

    Anyone else who got AOR recently? Please PM me and stay in touch!
  9. hi sir please how much funds did u show in your proof of funds?
  10. yes
  11. Okay thanks a lot!
  12. Congratulations. I pray for speed!

  13. Hi Congrats on your AOR,

    Which stream you have applied? Noc?
  14. Yes
    Application sent - 15 Oct '18
    AOR - 17 Jan '19
  15. Hi all.

    Sorry I'm not very easy about sharing the minimum amount but all I can say is that is it higher than the amount needed for a family of 4 as stated in their requirements.

    On the box which asked how much money I was going to bring, I wrote in 'at least C$XXXXX'. This is because most of our assets are in bank account and stocks, and we do own a property here as well, so I'm not too sure how much cash I would literally bring when that time comes.
    I guess what's important is also your net worth. We plan to sell off everything here to build our lives in Canada if we get accepted.

    I applied for musicians and singers - I'm a music teacher.

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