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Sds visa refusal , with excellent profile

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Maneet7, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. I asked him many times
    He just attached a paper in my application
    That this much income as per itr and this much income as per jform

    But didn’t attached
  2. All i can see is you haven't clearly mentioned why have you opted Canada for this course since this course is being offered in your home country as well. Secondly you haven't clearly mentioned the jobs you will get in your country and your family ties so that you can come back to your country . That's all i can see in your SOP. Go to CIC website and look at the questions to be answered in the SOP.
  3. Thank you so much
    Could you send me some sops for the suggestions
    On how to represent my case

    Email: maneetrandhawa7@icloud.com
  4. Kindly tell me how i can justify that this course is much better in canada?
  5. My agent mentioned my annual income
    Both parents around 12 lakh per annum,
    But he didn’t attached any proof of it?
    Father as agriculturist and dairy farming
    Mother as botique and agriculture
    (We pay itr of agriculture and dairy farming)
    So no need of j form
    Bcz everything there in Itr
    Do i need to attach other financial documents?like what?
  6. One thing you need to understand is that they have mentioned to issues that you won't return back to your home country secondly you course in not relavent. So stop worrying about finances. You need to give reasons why you have opted this course. Why not in your home country. You better know about your course of study. And do let them know about your family ties. what will help you in future for securing you job in your country of residence. Sit with your consultant and ask him why he hasn't mentioned these points.
  7. Yes, thank you so much,
    Your msgs really helped alot
  8. Yes i will explain
    And my course is relevant if you check on the college website
    Kindly suggest this time i should apply offline ?
  9. Could i mention that networking industry is still emerging in my country so i want study from the place that use latest technological advancements so that i can come back to my home country and can easily find a job because of international exposure as well as due to the practical skills that will be much more refined that wont have been possible in my home country
  10. If you're planning for re-applying then let me know,
  11. Yes i am planning kindly guide me
  12. I have paid fees for same course for may 2020 intake....I am really anxious now... :/

    And bro do know about the job opportunities of this course....how much is the demand and average salary...!

    Thanks in advanced
  13. Yes , i am still in shock for refusal

    But there are so many opportunities
    Like network support technician, etc that u need to google and see on college website this is what i did
  14. i need to ask my agent regarding this matter will definitely visit and let you know, if i am not wrong SOP is not mandatory thing.
  15. There are much of it as Toronto is IT hub

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