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Sds visa refusal , with excellent profile

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Maneet7, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Maneet i am also on the same stage, I too got a refusal as I got ielts band score which is similar to yours. And my reason was that I will not return after visa expiration.
    I am going to re apply with minor changes in SOP and u should do the same as soon as possible and hope for the . my blessings are with you
  2. When did you graduate?
  3. Thank you
    Are you showing funds ??
    And is it okay if ca report plus property even is 10-15 crores?
  4. Whay are the minor changes that you are thinking to do?
  5. Yeah I have done that earlier including my CA report and property valuation and now my changes will be based on moulded Statment of future and career support with no unnecessary changes. Actually my consultant guided me to do so.

    And also I am not going to waste time on asking for reports for the specific reason
  6. Maneet are u applying through consultants ??

    If so then which one
  7. Canam Consultants chd
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  8. Tell me acc to u 10-15 property wont be an issue??
  9. I had checked the program website 100 times....and searched a ton from google....but getting information from someone in person from there can be more reliable...!

    And hey check this all sops


    read all the sops and start making your own
  10. Unable to open the file
  11. All you need is perfect SOP in which strongly write something like " in India ABC company has --- vacancy in near future so after my successful completion i would join their and also research on that particular company regarding salary and all company background.. All the best to all

    Though i ain't applied but my Agent told me this sort of things.

    Any one knows how much GIC certification would take i had applied since 2 days, money had deducted but still doesn't got that certi.

    Once it is finished i will file for visa, Do let me know all of your timelines.
  12. If applying second time under sds,
    Do we need to justify our refusal??
  13. You need to mention that you're re-applying with covering those loopholes which they mentioned for rejection.
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  14. Maneet what have yr consultants adviced you and what will be yr next step
  15. Okay
    Consultant said to reapply offline
    With changed sop with no refusal mentioned and
    Financial strength

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