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Sds visa refusal , with excellent profile

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Maneet7, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. All the best bro

  2. Hi. Just make sure to declare your previous refusal in your application form to not be deemed by visa officer as misrepresentation, as I remember I think there is a question about having any visa refusals/have applied for Canada before. All the best in your reapplication :)
  3. Thank you so much
  4. Thanks alot will let you know what happened next
  5. Yes , but my advisor said me to not mention instead justify all the points in paragraphs
    As it’s already asked in the form

    What.u say?
  6. So long as its declared in the application form i think its fine. Yep justifying the refusal points in your sop would certainly help as it would hopefully make the visa officer understand your intent :)
  7. Well to be honest, what so ever you have written in your SOP like about financial statement for that you surely need to attach their proof copy.... ask yourself how you will going to judge or decide if someone say he hold this much money etc.... without proof .....

    First rule is if you're telling things like this in SOP then you need to attach documents also so that visa officer can look into it verify it to know that person is not lying at all and is genuine....
  8. Yes you are absolutely right,

    I need one more information
    Can i apply sds offline application?
  9. Could you pls send me your mail id??
  10. No. Only online applications are accepted in sds
  11. Who said u ??

    Few days back my friend applied offline file
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  13. No for SDS one can apply online only...... if you apply offline it will considered as normal general processing.... this change has been done since april 2019....
  14. My visa has been refused one time, thats why i am applying offline

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