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Sds visa refusal , with excellent profile

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Maneet7, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. I got refusal after applying for the first time and tht under sds
    My profile :
    Btech computer Science 82%
    Ielts 7.5,

    Got accepted into Conestoga College
    In network infrastructure and system administration which is a 2 year post grad program.
    I am unable to understand the reason pf my refusal.

    My agent , mentioned my parents income in the file that through ITR
    .but he didn’t attached income proofs ie itr and jform,
    But my agent says that there is no need to attach financial proofs, bcz they hv mentioned it
    Facing same problem after excellent profile?
    I got the reason tht u wont return and the same reason copied to everyone who gets refusal

  2. I too had applied for the same course, but could you give me exact amount you had shown ? And did submit your file Online? I suggest you show more amount of statements like FD's or PPF statements or else house evaluation so that your file would be strong enough. Better luck (Y)
  4. My agent said that
    There is no need to attach financial documents under sds !!
  5. Even my course is relevant,
    I am not able to find the correct reason and no time to apply forCAIPS
  6. I submitted online file under sds on 24 September
  7. True that i don't get any negative point in your file, Another reason might be your SOP if you re-apply do change it and have plagiarism report, else ask your agent they might have idea or if your agent ain't give you satisfactory do change it, as time is much low now.
  8. Yess,
    I already checked my sop for plagiarism before applying ,
    I will redo my sop
    But its hard to find the real cause,
    They wrote in second point that education qualifications not relevant??
    But the course i took is 101% relevant
  9. Now i'm getting afraid to file mine :p
  10. My sop


    In my aspiration to acquire a firm understanding of the notion of network infrastructure and system administration, I, ——name—- seek my study visa to Canada to pursue Applied Network Infrastructure and System Administration program available at Conestoga College, Canada.

    Moving towards my educational background, I have completed my 10th grade in 2013 with 9.4 CGPA and 12th grade in 2015 with 75.6% in non-medical stream. Following my 12th grade, I got myself enrolled in the Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech.) in the discipline of Computer Science and Engineering, in which I scored 8.62 CGPA in 2019.

    During my bachelors I studied about Computer Networks, Computer Graphics, Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), Microprocessors, Digital Circuits and Logic Design, Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Artificial intelligence, Simulation and Modelling,Theory of Computation,Design and Analysis of Algorithms, etcetera.My undergraduate program endowed me with a sound technical foundation in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. Thus, by the time, I finished my undergraduate degree; I became certain of pursuing a specialized course that offers me detailed knowledge about Network Infrastructure and System Administration.

    For my further studies I was curious to learn in detail about Network Infrastructure and System Administration about which I discussed in detail with my Professor. As a result of my discussion with my professor I have decided to pursue Applied Network Infrastructure and System Administrationprogram from Conestoga College, Canada. Hence, without wasting a single moment, I applied for the same and secured admission to the chosen course.

    As English language efficiency is a must to study in Canada I appeared for my IELTS and have secured overall 7.5 bands.

    Applied Network Infrastructure and System Administrationprogram will help me to gain the knowledge and skills of IT infrastructure, including both services and end user computing. Today, every type of business relies on Information Technology, wherein network infrastructure and system administration are building blocks to incorporate technology. More and more companies are challenged with infrastructure planning, deployment and management of designing secure and safe environment. As a result, assistance in the field of networking and system administration is a rudimentary necessity of all companies.

    During the first year of the program, I will learn about management issues as seen in the IT industry and the best practices will be introduced to alleviate these problems. IT Management will inculcate the presentation skills focusing on development and delivery techniques. This will help me enhance knowledge of recent equipment and hardware trends in servers, networking equipment, storage and end user devices. Also, I will procure critical skills that will be developed in Network Planning and Implementation, Scripting with PowerShell and Project Plan and Design, Window Server Planning and Implementation, Virtualization Planning and Implementation with Hyper-V, Advanced Windows Server Planning and Implementation and Servers.

    During the second year of the course, I will be taught with SQL Server Planning and Implementation, Exchange Server Planning and Implementation, Linux Server Planning and Implementation, Wireless Technologies Foundations,Virtualization Planning and Implementation with VMware vSphere,IT Environment Planning,Window Desktop Planning and Implementation and related projects. Owing to which, I will be able to resolve operating system problems, install configure and troubleshoot network, install and support interconnected local area networks, design, implement and evaluate IT infrastructure, communicate plans, technology and solutions to fulfil IT business protocols. Through lectures, class activities, readings, case analysis and project-based learning, I will demonstrate the command of international theories and practices.

    With over 200 career focused programs, Conestoga is a leader in polytechnic education and one of the Ontario’s fastest growing colleges, delivering broad range of education and training options includes graduate certificates, 4-year degrees, diplomas, apprenticeships and corporate training. I am sure to find exactly what I am looking for. Conestoga College is the region’s only provider of polytechnic education and built on a strong foundation of partnership, collaboration and integration. Also, according to the research carried out by me, the college holds a great reputation in Canada and all programs feature active, hands-on learning that prepares Conestoga graduates for career and life success.

    Canada spends more money on the education of its citizens than any other nation. Also, its qualification has reputation around the world for being practical, modern and desirable. I believe that Canadian colleges offer the kind of relevant, leading-edge technical education that counts in today’s communication world. I will get an international exposure by studying and living in Canada.

    On successfully completing my studies in Canada, I would like tocome back to my home country and find a relevant job in the leading IT organizations in India in the field of Information Technology to gain some professional experience. I will be able to work on the profiles of IT Support Technician, Network Administrator, System Administrator, Technical Support Analyst, DatacentreOperator etc. My employability prospects will be enhanced due to my international qualification. I will be able to find a highly-paid job at leading organizations like; Infosys, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, HCL Technologies, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Microsoft,Oracle Financial Services Software, Mphasis and Mindtree to name a few. However, my ultimate aim is to emerge as a successful and dynamic professional in near future which can make me stand out amongst my counterparts.

    I have already paid the complete one-year tuition fees of CAD 16,054 and CAD 10,000 in the Scotia Bank’s Student GIC account to cover the first year’s living expenses. Also, I am attaching all the relevant documents that support my financial claim.

    With this I hope that the Canadian High Commission may find my application worth consideration and shall allow me to accomplish my career goals.

  11. Yes it happens because i am still in shock , all my friends with low band scores got visa
  12. Ok so now in that case in new SOP try to have subjects like networking and troubleshooting so that they got the point.
  13. Yes i will mention ,
    I think my agent mentioned that i am attaching all relevant financial claims
    And there was no financial document attached
  14. Damn it man your SOP is excellent, Yeah asked him if there is any scope to attach documents
  15. Yes,
    he took itr from me
    But didn’t attached any financial claim,

    Only gic and fees certificate

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