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Remark Success rate

Discussion in 'IELTS - CELPIP - TEF - TCF - Language Testing' started by RAMBO1503, May 22, 2017.

  1. That sucks. They should at least send us a notification when it's done
  2. Hi,

    As far as I know the online system only shows results which are within 40 days from the test date.
    I received notification regarding the EOR result via my email when it was available.
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  3. i applied EOR for writing and speaking.today i got mail from IDP regarding resend bank detail.why they send ask me for my bank detail and it is possible to increase band in both speaking and writing
  4. Any idea how much time EoR will take for online exam.
    Gave computerized IDP in Delhi on 8th Sep in Delhi and applied for EoR on 20th Sep and received their confirmation on 24 Sep.
    I see people who applied later than 24th Sep have received a response.

    Anyone applied for EoR on computerized IDP IELTS yet?
  5. Can you please specify what did the email say?
  6. Please resend a clear scanned copy of the cancelled cheque of your bank account reflecting entire account details (IFSC code, bank account number & account holder’s name). If you do not have a cheque book or your name is not printed on it, please provide a scanned copy of the bank passbook reflecting the entire account details.

    We can only accept candidate’s financial details or candidate’s parent’s financial details. So, kindly provide the documents accordingly. Also, if you are providing your parent’s financial details then their name on the financial statement should be as per the passport only.

    Please send a scanned copy of your passport (first and last page) as well.

    You are requested to send the above mentioned document to this email address on urgent basis.

    Note: State bank branches have been merged with SBI, if you are providing any state bank financial details, kindly provide new IFSC code which starts with SBIN.

    For any further assistance, you can also call us at 1800 102 4544 (Toll free) from Monday to Saturday between 09:00 am to 05:30 pm.


  7. Looks like you would be getting a change in result. Just my opinion.
  8. This is their standard reply. Btw I applied for EOR on 03 of October, just took 6 days for processing. Might be because I am living in Australia.

    Your Enquiry on Results [EOR] application for 22-Sep-18 IELTS test date you sat with IDP Test Centre AU468 Sydney has been completed. All results are strictly confidential and will not be released over the phone or via email.

    Your results will be posted by standard delivery mail (Australia Post) to the address provided on your remark application, as below.


    Should there be any changes to your address, please reply to this email with your full name and new postal address before your results are posted out at the date and time below.

    Your remarked results will be posted out from 4pm on Thursday, 11 October 2018

    Please allow up to 5-7 business days for the standard delivery mail (Australia Post) to arrive. Please allow up to 10 business days if you are located interstate, as your remarked results are posted from Melbourne, Victoria.

    Please note that re-mark refunds (for changed results only) will be processed between 5-7 business days after results have been posted. The amount of $176.00 will be refunded in full to the credit/debit card which was provided on the Application Form. If you have made payment via Money Order or Bank Cheque, this will be returned to you with your re-mark results in post. Please be advised that Financial Institution processing times apply and refunds may take an additional 3-5 business days.

    Kind Regards,

    IDP IELTS Test Centres - Australia
  9. if score is incresed only in one module then idp refund money or not
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    This is regarding my EOR,

    I got a text message that my,
    Your order from British Council is dispatched through Blue Dart, will be delivered by 12-OCT-18.
    This should be thet TRF...Can anyone advise whether there are chances to have change in results.
    No email notifications on the score or about TRF.
  11. Yes.
  12. Got my IELTS result today.

    L 8.5
    R 9
    W 6
    S 6.5

    Should I go for EOR?? My writing and speaking test weren't that bad though.
    Any thoughts?
  13. You need 1 band increase in writing and 0.5 in speaking. If you're really confident about both sections, you should go for EOR. Otherwise appear for next test.

    PS: try to evaluate your performance on 4 criterias of both tests. If you think you did well, go for it. Generally we see people get 1 band increase or a 0.5. But 1.5 band increase is not so common.

    All the best
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  14. Is it about 8th September test?
  15. 1.5 band increase as a whole?

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