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Refugee Travel Document - Questions and Answers

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by rainbowbee, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. hello guys please help
    what i need to apply for travel document? my status
    2009 claim asylum
    2012 CONVENTION REFUGEE claim accept
    2014 got my PR
    2014 travel with my national passport with PR
    2015 travel with my national passport with PR
    2016 my national passport expired
    please this is my status in Canada what exact document i need to send with my travel document application form,
    i look (check list) documents but I did not understand what document i should send with my application form
  2. Your refugee status revoked once you use national/ home country passport to travel, because:

    1. When you cross the border with this passport you declare thereby that you are the citizen of that country and under the protection of that country.
    2. If something happens with you during the visit you will be able to apply for some kind of help only to the Embassy of your Country of origin because you possess the passport of this country.


  3. I didnt get it what you mean,i never went back home i just travel with to germany and Armenia . when i got my PR ,the immigration agent gave me back my national passport and stamped with immigration stamp and wrote travel number on my national passport, and she told me you can travel with your national passport!
  4. Hi guys i have a question i will be so thankfull if somebody answered me from his experience the question is (i have a canadian refugee travel document and pr card and i can go to germany without visa so im going to see my friends there and we gonna take a ride to switzerland for couple pf days is that possible? Or you cant travel outside germany? Thankk youu
  5. Betteka is totally right...CIC returns back you national passport as a piece of paper belongs to you (memories)...renew of national passport or using it to travel to third country could be considered a re-availment...you can apply for RTD to travel to germany or armenia provided that you didn't flee from those countries primarily when you claim refugee case
  6. you cannot use your home passport to travel even if you didnt go back to home country. that's what Refugee Travel Document is for, to replace your passport in that period you have not yet a Canadian citizen.

    If you feel you're right and the WHOLE forum is wrong, goodluck then. Just count the days until you are no longer a Convention refugee, don't bother thinking you will gain Canadian citizenship.
  7. Again:

    If they need to travel, they should use a refugee travel document instead of a passport from their country of nationality.
  8. Hi everyone,
    i'm a PR-refugee, i had to renew my national passport and i used it only once to travel to see my family in a different country than my country of origin, but this country doesn't accept RTD, i was never stopped at the airport on my way back to Canada or questioned at the boarder how do i know if my PR is revoked or not
  9. Probably you mean GCC countries(gulf) middle east .....i suggest that you to confer your lawyer than eating your nails.
    as i understood from several web pages ...it's not 100% that your refugee status will be revoked due to reavailment...some cases were not convicted in court just due to using/renew his national passport, as the never meant to accept their home country protection
  10. already you are in trouble, went home by your national passport and again you want renew it at your home country embassy or in back home this is not good and very high risk for your future,, if you do not get caught while you back to Canada then 100% be sure they will get you while you having your citizenship interview,, so don not renew it your passport,and myself i had use my national passport but never go back and i had it before i apply refugee inside Canada so i dont renew it and i want to apply RTD
  11. Hello
    Does anyone know if Hong Kong/ China acknowledges RTD?
  12. It seems you didn't read my question well, i didn't go to my home country, my passport was expired when i received it back, i had to renew it and i only used it once to meet my family in a country that doesn't acknowledge RTD
  13. Just count the days until CBSA gives you a call.
  14. betteka, Canadatraveldocument.
    It's always appreciated to have preventive approach when highlighting issues that someone here might be in need of, however, it should not appear in the form of decision acting in place of federal court /IRCC,IRB or CIC.
    Our colleague Montreal101 request info about action made where he is not sure of the consequence might be, you both gave judgments that his case is hopeless and it's just a matter of time to revoke his refugee case and PR.
    It is true that any visit home creates a risk, but not every visit home constitutes reavailing oneself of the country's protection ….. an example to this:
    Federal Court Decisions
    The Board rejected an application made by the Minister to cease the refugee protection of ### (the respondent) pursuant to paragraph 108(1)(a) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, SC 2001, c 27 [IRPA]. The Board found that the respondent had not reavailed himself of the protection of his country of nationality, when he applied for and obtained a Pakistani passport. For the reasons that follow, the application is dismissed
    You should refer to:

    So please you should advise Montreal101 to see a lawyer ,see lawyer and see lawyer
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  15. Many thanks for your constructive reply

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