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Refugee Travel Document - Questions and Answers

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by rainbowbee, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. Sorry, I am confused. I thought you were asking about the Travel Document.

    If you decided to renew your passport, you can do so but you have to return the RTD even if it is expired.
  2. Call them. Make sure everything is OK.
  3. Cuba is GOOD to GO with RTD - NO VISA REQUIRED

    Someone's Experience going to Cuba:

    Mar 22, 2016

    Yes, I made it. I was going to Santa Clara, Cuba. I had a ticket from Airtransat, their employees at the airport told me that they let me go out from Canada but I must have Canada visa from Havana when I am back to Canada. The Airtransat asked me to sign a paper to confirm that all responsibility is on myself. I signed that paper and went Cuba.

    When I arrived in Cuba, another employee of Airtransat at Cuba airport called me and showed me the paper I had signed in Toronto and said you do not need to go to anywhere for Canada visa, your travel document is your passport. Everyone was respecting me as a Canadian. I happily finished my vacation in Cuba and became back to Toronto.

    There was not any problem when I came back. The immigration officer at Pearson airport said welcome home.

    A trave document is your passport. Enjoy your vacation anywhere you want.

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  4. The immigration officer at Pearson airport said welcome home.

    A trave document is your passport. Enjoy your vacation anywhere you want.


    Good to know. thanks for sharing your experience. hopefully everyone will do the same

  5. good news
    did u get visa foe cuba or just ticket? i wanna go in dec this year
  6. the OP mentioned " No Visa for Cuba" only the RTD
  7. thanks for all the updates -
    I have Certificate of Identity since I could not get passport. I take it works same way RTD when travelling to Cuba or Bahamas? no visa required just confirm from the airline?

    Also has anyone applied for the US Visa to travel by land or air? any experiences?

  8. Need help! My friend PR card's category is DR which means "dependent of REF-CDA residing aboard and in canada and who have not been deemed to be convention refugee in his/her own rights" can someone explain what that'd mean? And also could my friend go back to her original country?
  9. Re: Refugee Travel Document -FACTS

    refugee travel document is unuseful . you can't go anywhere with it . every embassy of the world will be asking you for a visa before traveling and an invitation letter from someone you know in that country !! and some countries they don't allow you to inter with Canadian travel document they don't accept it as passport ! so I want to tell anyone who becomes PR through Refugees or protected person class you can't use your national passport to travel anywhere in this earth until you become a citizen !! how come ? I don't know ! but live with it . no vacations for refugees ! . I'm in canada since 2008 I got my PR 2014 I'll able to apply for citizen in 2018 with couple years of waiting or maybe more. I'll be able to go on vacation 2020 or 2021 wow
  10. Balouch the Iranian lady that travelled back to Iran got her status revoked on 2015. also Kuoch the lady from Camobodia got her status revoked same year because travleed back home.. see links below.. Maybe you mean that these cases manged somehow to stay later? because for example for unknown reason Balouch discontinued her appeal at federal court of appeal.. also if you check Kuoch case she has like 4 or 5 kids living in Canada so she has strong H&C factors..
  11. Do I need a visa to travel to UK using refugee travel document? My background is Palestinian.
  12. Thank you very much for these good information but there is issues I didn't understand
    when you made landing interview the officer told you it was not forbidden to travel with your national passport but not favorable but the officer in refugee told you that PR may be stripped so who is right?
  13. Are these people have canadian citizenship?
    Because they are PR from 2010
    If yes can any one revoked my case even I am canadian
  14. Hola a todos, antes que nada quisiera saber si alguien ha podido obtener visa para viajar a los Estados Unidos utilizando el RTD sin haber recibido aun la PR card?

    Yo he tramitado el RTD y me fue otorgado en 10 dias, pero fui personalmente a Gatineau a dejar los papeles.

    También he confimado que para viajar a Panama no se require visa, en otros paises, depende de la nacionalidad de la persona, puede que requiera o no visa. En el caso de Europa, efectivamente segun la hoja de excel confirme con algunas embajadas y no se require de visa para entrar, excepto los 4 paises mencionados, entre ellos españa. Sin embargo sería interesante escuchar la experiencia de alguien que haya viajado recientemente a Europa.

    El unico problema que he escuchado es con algunas aerolineas que por desconocimientos exigen tener la PR card, pero hablando con Avianca, COPA y Lufthansa no hay problema, solo es necesario presenter el RTD.
  15. Re: Refugee Travel Document -FACTS

    I withdraw my refugee status just because of this, I have a kid living in the gulf and they don't accept RTD, I can't wait years until I got my citizenship to see her.
    But FYI the Europeian countries do accept RTD.

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