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Received CEC Invitation without Completing One year. Accept or Decline?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by mandeep000, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. i have read it a few times like for 3 days straight. i already accepted the ITA and done with the medicals for me n my spouse so am already heavily invested in this. plus my EE profile has expired after receiving my ITA. so if i decline now, i will surly lose my money, so am going to take the word of the agent and sent my e-APR on 1st or 2nd of Aug. and then will see where it goes
  2. 1 - No such thing as "accepting an ITA"
    2 - The e-medical sheet can be used for the next ITA in which you'll meet the MEC at the time of the ITA.
    3 - No money lost.
    4 - You failed to understand one of the sections of that link.
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  3. This is not about having the freedom to choose whether you want to meet MEC at ITA or AOR. It`s about not meeting it at either of them.

    ``at the time of the ITA or e-APR, the applicant did not or does not meet the MEC``
    You must meet MEC at both ITA and AOR is what this sentence means. You can go ahead and apply for PR, and perhaps the officer is lenient or makes an error, but it`s recommended to just withdraw the application and wait as there`s no risk of losing money.
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  4. plus my EE profile has expired after receiving my ITA - I got an ITA within 2 days of creating new profile
    so if i decline now, i will surly lose my money - Money can be made again, rejection can't be fixed(rejection is not the end of the world, you always apply again)
    so am going to take the word of the agent - Make sure to get his/her full name and batch number and stuff, also attach LOE
    and sent my e-APR on 1st or 2nd of Aug. and then will see where it goes - Best of Luck
    I personally would have taken the safer route. ..
  6. my current medicals results are attached with my already expired EE profile. so if i decline my ITA . i have make a whole new profile. so i have to do all the required things all over again :(
  7. the money am taking about is for the medicals $270 *2 which is tied to my already expired EE profile. so i will loose that , if i make a new profile. am i right??
  8. thanks mate, i have explained this in the LOE, also about the points gained one month in advance before completing my 1 year. cos i know i wont get ITA so i never bothered to look . but suddenly when i received an email. i was shocked , as to how i became eligible for an ITA. then i understood i gained work experience points in advance. weird. and then after few days my EE profile expired. anyway. praying to GOD .
  9. The UMI number (unique medical ID) is what will be used in order to track your results. Your medicals aren't attached to a specific ITA or to a profile. If anything a LOE will suffice.
  10. ok , now thats a great information. thanks mate, now back to scratching my head, i'm in a pickle for sure.
  11. In my opinion you should decline the ITA, wait till you complete One Year, if your scores are good you will receive a new ITA. You can check other threads for info or call the agents again for information.
  12. No, medicals are valid for a year, regardless of how many times you apply :)
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  13. thank you
  14. I think all the claims that an applicant has entered are correct. And CIC is not asking if the applicant has completed one year or two years of work, but only the month and year the applicant has been working from. If the system calculates the score based on the information entered by the applicant, for which the applicant has evidence, then the visa officer cannot reject the application for the difference in days/weeks which was not the criteria for the system to send out an ITA to the applicant.
  15. HI What happened to your profile?

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