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Received CEC Invitation without Completing One year. Accept or Decline?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by mandeep000, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Today I received Invitation to apply for CEC, but the funny thing is I will complete ONE Year in the middle of August & I already received invitation to apply without completing one year, in my 11th month. I had created the EE profile on 28th June. In the first week of July I received additional points and my CRS score total was 460. I received BCPNP (Skilled Worker Express EntryBC) Invitation today as well. First, I received ITA for CEC in the morning and in the afternoon I received ITA for BCPNP Skilled Worker EEBC. I was expecting EE ITA for FSW but instead I received it for CEC.

    What should I do? Should I accept the CEC invitation or Decline it? I went through the forums but did not get a proper answer.
  2. Bhai points mile usme bhee takleef hain ;)

    Submit your PR application as soon as you complete your 1 year...
  3. But for CEC I'll need 1 year i.e. 12 months Work Experience. I do have 60 days time to submit the documents, but I have read online that such applications are rejected, cannot risk it.
  4. You should reject it, and wait until you're eligible. I don't know why CIC does what it does here, but you definitely need a FULL 12 months of Canadian work experience. 11 months and a few weeks should result in them rejecting your application.
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  5. I agree with your point of view, there both sides of the argument, some people say you have been invited before you completed your 1 yr experience but you can submit your PR application once you complete your 1 year, others contradict this...

    This is what I read...


    Change in circumstance declared in an e-APR
    Express Entry candidates are responsible for ensuring that the information in their profile is accurate and up-to-date at all times.

    When a candidate is issued an ITA, their profile information and their CRS score are automatically recorded in GCMS.

    If a candidate decides to submit an e-APR, the system automatically transfers the information from their profile to their e-APR for their convenience. The candidate is required to ensure that the information is still accurate before they submit their e-APR to IRCC. If the information transferred from the candidate’s profile is no longer accurate, the candidate must update their application accordingly.

    You are not technically changing information between ITA and the e-APR(once you submit your application)

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  6. If you have a high score, and I think you do. Just wait for your next ITA. That will be the safest route.
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  7. A real story, a friend of mine is CEC inland, 1 year 11 months got i ITA, submit AOR 1 year 12 months without LOE. Got PPR in 26 days. 06.13 AOR 07.09 PPR

    Just FYI, my lawyers have processed a lot of cases like this. And he said never failed
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  8. What course have you decided to steer your ship on Mandeep?
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  9. Not entirely sure what you mean - I think you mean that your friend got the ITA with 23 months (credit for 2 years of experience), and submitted at 24 months and was successful. That is correct, IRCC explicitly states that as long as your CRS points are valid at the time you submit the eAPR, you keep the points.

    This is different from the OP's situation. The OP's problem isn't just the CRS points, it's the Minimum Eligibility Criteria (MEC) for the CEC class - the minimum of one year of Canadian work experience. IRCC states that the MEC must be met at the time of the ITA.

    I would advise declining the ITA and only accepting an ITA after meeting the MEC.
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  10. I spoke to CIC agents this morning & they instructed me to Decline the ITA as I was not eligible. So, I have declined the ITA for CEC & will update it when I am eligible next month. I am currently working in Canada & am eligible for FSW only, I will be eligible for CEC next month. The agent told me that due to short/low CEC applications ITA's are given to applicants of CEC first, then Federal Skilled Trades and then to Federal Skilled Workers applicants. Hope this helps future applicants.
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  11. i received my ITA under CEC on june 13 and by july 31st i complete my 1 year experience and i have 90 days to apply. so what should i do? do you think i can apply ? i have not applied yet i have one more month left.
  12. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/corporate/publications-manuals/operational-bulletins-manuals/permanent-residence/express-entry/assessing-electronic-application-on-section-a11-2.html

    Section 11.2 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) includes a new authority that supports the Express Entry system.

    Under section A11.2, an officer may not issue a visa to an applicant who did not or does not meet the Express Entry minimum entry criteria (MEC) or did not or does not possess the qualifications for which they received their CRS score at the time when

    • the invitation to apply (ITA) was issued; or
    • the e-APR was received by IRCC.
    When reviewing an application, processing offices must determine if

    • the applicant possesses the qualifications that they declared in their e-APR, as corroborated by the applicant’s supporting documentation; and
    • when the applicant submits their e-APR, the information provided in their Express Entry profile has not materially changed to the degree that the applicant would not have been issued an ITA in that round of invitations.
    Accordingly, officers should refuse an application under section A11.2 if it is determined that

    as per this page and the statement, what do you think ? if i go forward with the e_APR after 31st of July. Wont it match?
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  13. If your ITA is from June 13, and you complete 1 year work experience on July 31 , you should decline it. Even if you do wait until after July 31, I'm pretty sure they will find you to be ineligible as you need to meet the MEC at the time of the ITA, not AOR.
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  14. why do you think the awarded me with the points before july 31st? their system should know how to calculate 12 month right?

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