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Ray of Hope - 126th Draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by NikSharma01, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. Please add me as well

    Islander5548. CRS- 446
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  2. That's a big drop to be expected but if the conditions remain right (Less Provincial Nominations), we can expect a number around 459-460 but I do hope and pray that you are right on your prediction.
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  3. I am the main applicant and we are showing our joint bank account with all the funds for POF.
    I got answer to my question on another thread. Secondary applicants work experience doesn't give any points if it's not Canadian experience. So in my case, I don't need to show my husband's work experience proof. I checked my invitation also. my husband's work experience didn't add any points.
  4. To add your score please reply to my post of internal CRS tracker with your current score. I will add the score to the list and you will be able to see it next time I post updated CRS tracker.

    Please don't edit and repost the tracker or ask other people to add your score. That way I don't get a notification & that might result in me missing to add someone's score. Just trying to keep the internal tracker as accurate as possible. Thank you :)
  5. Thanks
  6. Or tag them, by using @, just like Twitter and Facebook.
    Am I right @Angel1113 .
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  7. Absolutely! :)
  8. Please change my score from 443 to 1028.
  9. Hi I am new to this forum, I have a score of 460, I am still waiting for my ECA, my MBA from symbiosis is no more counted as MBA and is now a post graduate diploma so I lost 7 points bringing me to 460, what are my chances of getting an ITA?
  10. pretty good i hope u can get pass through in the next draw but dont trust CIC and they might have different plans but is there anyway u can increase your score and 460 is a good score tbh
  11. Let's hope next draw is 460 :)
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  12. Oh yes, the conniving CIC and their diabolic plans to ruin people's lives.
  13. #643 NikSharma01, Sep 16, 2019 at 5:26 PM
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    Hi everyone,

    Finally with the God's grace my OINP application has been approved and got the Nomination.

    Moved a step closer and My Current CRS is 1044 ! :rolleyes:
    Looking forward to seize the most awaited ITA now.

    I vividly remember, I'm in this journey since Dec 2017 when I started preparing for the IELTS: First attempt in May 2018 with CLB 8 and Second attempt in Aug 2018 with CLB 9.
    So, technically my journey started back in Aug 2018. Well, I was all set to go, but unfortunately WES delayed my chances of entering into the EE pool as it took almost 5 months for evaluating my degrees (from Sep 18 - Jan 19). It was because of WES only I missed the Jan 30th draw (cut-off 438) this year because I was given the ECA report on Feb 1, 2019. What happend next everyone knows explicitly about the crs trend. Since then 444 was not a good score anymore. So, for me WES is the culprit here!

    Anyways, after waiting for several months and witnessing numerous draws, finally on July 12, I got the "NOI - Notification Of Interest" from Ontario under the newly introduced Tech Stream program. Significantly, owing to this today I've got the nomination + 600 points after a wait of almost 59 days.

    Always remember "Failure is a fog through which we glimpse the triumph !"

    Interestingly, During this journey, I've met and made many valuable friends here. Without their support I couldn't tackle with all of the obstacles, especially @13nitinsharma has been a mentor and big brother to me. Apart from that, I can't forget the contribution of @prsingh @Shishir Chandra Kumar @Shaanoh @Dheana90 @EnthuChap @pessacanada @skg1988 and others..

    Guys, now I want to ask you all that silly question - "Do I have any chances of getting the ITA in the upcoming draw with 1044 CRS?" :p

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  15. Hey Nik.... very happy for you.... lets ask the question together.....
    And offcourse the other one too- my score is 1049.... how much time does it take to receive the ITA email???
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